I'm speechless. We'll all be speechless if nothing is done against the power concentrated within the big tech-companies. They are defining elements of our surreal post-truth era, for they are increasingly the ones who decide what "truth" is in the public eye. It's funny how in a time when all information one could ever wish for is at our fingertips, just a Google search away, we seem unable to agree on what's true and what's not.


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That doesn't mean however that there should be some arbiter of truth, deciding for us what's factual and what's not, or even what's acceptable. This is what democracy means, it's not just showing up to vote once every few years, it's much more than that. Democracy is nothing less than a culture of debate, it's the system in which decisions are made, not by a select few or one almighty leader, but after we all have discussed the pros and cons of each decision. Democracy is based on the simple premise that if I have to live with the consequences of a decision, it's only fair that I be involved in making that decision. It's not just a political system, it's a culture that starts within the family; in authoritarian cultures it's dad who unilaterally makes all decisions, in the modern liberal cultures mom, dad, and when they're old enough the children to are involved. It's a culture of negotiation and this can only work when we're all allowed to speak our minds; it's not free markets, but free speech that democracy is based on.

These are weird times indeed, when a lefty like myself feels the need to defend a horrible right wing president like Trump, but the stupid mistakes made by the so called liberals leave me no choice. Trump says a whole lot of stupid things that I don't agree with, but he has the right to say them, as he should in a democracy. But now the so called liberal media that is actually the corporate media have incited a war against Trump on Twitter, and Twitter now fact-checks Trump's tweets... Horrible. Facebook already said they would have some committee that decides what's acceptable on their platform, YouTube already favors the corporate media in their search-algorithms and actively demonetize videos that don't meet THEIR standards, and now Twitter tries to muzzle the POTUS!? That's one step further towards the absolute reign of the corporatocracy, it's an open admission to the fact that we already live in an oligarchy and not a democracy. This stupid move will improve Trump's favorability ratings, you can be sure of that. Well done!

I'm speechless. And anyone with an opinion or ideology that's too far removed from what a handful of billionaires decide is the norm, will become speechless as well. I wish the web 3.0 was already the new mainstream, but it isn't, not by a long shot. So, if you're a progressive and sick and tired of Trump's rhetoric, don't go rubbing your hands in delight with this news. Be worried instead; we might be next. The Hill lays it all out in this video...

Saagar Enjeti: Twitter's MONSTROUSLY STUPID decision to "Fact Check" Trump tweets

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