Enough love determines everything

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If we are looking for another partner, should we find the right one? Or the one we love?

Every time I heard people say breaking up, the reason was: I found that we were not suitable!
Different values, different growth backgrounds, and different habits,
Such being together will only make each other very tired and very hard.

I actually agree with this passage.

But when I watched the show two days ago, I heard the heroine say: "What's the use of being in love? It's not suitable for us to be together!"
The supporting actress took a sentence: "If two people fall in love, nothing can't be overcome."

I agree with the words of these two people.

If a man and a woman who are in love are fundamentally incompatible in all aspects, it is difficult to agree with each other’s actions.
Even the way of thinking and any decision, then, even if the two fall in love again, I'm afraid they will break up.

However, I also agree that if two people really love each other, there is nothing that cannot be overcome.
The focus is on enough to love each other.

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