ecoVillages Journal #37: Another Day Another Deck For the Geodome

6개월 전

Helping others in need is a part of daily life, in this region at least! Could I have chosen a more perfect place to help sew the seeds and lay the foundations for a new world forming in many rural areas including Portugal! Most people I know are hosting several people who need a place to call home and want to exchange whatever time and energy they have toward making the land in this region fertile and abundant again. Those who are choosing this path will be ready for whatever happens next. It isn’t easy, and it isn’t always fun, but it is important enough that thousands of us have left what lives we had behind and have taken up this new exciting path.

Last month I met a lovely young couple from the UK. I let them park their small tiny-home truck on the land to wait out a storm so that they could move to their friends land and build a simple home for themselves to store all of their personal belongings... and that includes a large double bass! Things didn’t work out for them, and after getting to know them a little I offered to let them build a geodome here on the ecoVillages land. Who knows how long they will stay, all we know is that they need a place before winter sets in. Their budget is small, just a few hundred euros and so I am helping them to design a homemade geodome frame, and I have spent the last few days working with them to get the base and flooring manifested. It feels so good to be able to give back to others, especially after receiving so much help myself from so many people over the past few months. So now is good time to also thank all of you who have bought the ecoVillages Coin which has gone a long way toward making this project a success, and now helping others in need. Wood ain't cheap! ;-)

I have met a couple of Hivians too recently! @celestialcow was here for a while, and we finally met and spent some time talking and getting to know each other. They had to leave not long after they arrived to deal with some bureaucracy.. so i hope they get things on track soon! I also hope to meet @revisesociology on Monday.. after a bit of wait and misinformation on lockdowns hes coming.. and we have 10 trees to plant and one is there for him to put in the ground. We will take great care of it! ;=-)

There is a LOT happening on so many fronts that at times i get overwhelmed. I have now connected with a very special friend who has committed to coming here in February to help me manifest the first ecovillages Earthship workshop build! With her by my side, I have a feeling that workshop is going to be absolutely incredible, and i keep getting messages from some awesome people that are all ready and waiting to come! I really can't wait!

I will share more details about this workshop as and when it happens. I am meeting a local architect very soon, and once we get the planning permission cleared I will have the FULL green light and will spring into action like never before. Its never felt so urgent before, but now its clear.. its URGENT! There are hundreds and even thousands of people arriving to just this area,. They are all buying land with minimal resources, and no grid connections. They don’t really know what to do, or how to even start.. That is why the ecoVillages is here, that is what it is about. When our first workshop happens we will teach many dozens of people hands on how to build, for free. They can donate of course, but if they need to learn and have no money then, no problem! We will teach so many people, and they will go on to help others to build. Very quickly we can empower a large number of people in the area, collaborating, building, and getting us all safe, secure and self sufficient!

Have a beautiful weekend everyone! <3 xxx sorry im not engaging much,.. i do my best! <3

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