Black sheep blues

7개월 전


Let me reveal just who I am
the black sheep of the family
I’m not a sheep, actually a ram
and all the ewes belong to me

A fire ram to be precise
the lonely ram or so they say
but here I’m king, it’s very nice
no shepherd to get in my way

I’ll butt heads now with anyone
who tries to get into my path
so keep your hooves off my my clean fun
or go and take another bath

My ewes and lambs depend on me
to guard and keep them safe from harm
I’m leader of my family
These sheeple follow as I charm

I’ve got the stones to bleat my tune
I’ll tune you, don’t you try tune me
my handsome coat will make you swoon
my dreadlocks are my legacy

So keep your distance or be rammed
I take no nonsense from your lot
your butchering ways will all be damned
I’m no one’s food, you’ve lost the plot

I’m black and proud of living life
as all who walk in liberty
so take your bloody butcher’s knife
and shove it where the sun won’t see

If you think you can get away
with murder trying to mess with us
then you’ll come back to me one day
and I’ll carve you without a fuss

What goes around still comes around
I’ll see you on the other side
so eat your veggies and be proud
that you and I both kept our hide

(Pic my own)
#ocd #hive-183196

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Provocative & clever. I like the feisty, fuck-you tone that is not normally acquainted with sheep or rams. :) Thanks so much for posting in the ecotrain community. Yes, we care about and want to hear more about new-paradigm eating, farming & eco-consciousness.

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Many thanks @artemislives you are very kind. This is the voice of the voiceless, I speak for the sheep.


Their voice was heard. :) Thank you.