That's quite a complexed questions........Life in the next coming 20 years and 200 years.
In the next 20 years, I can still think of somethings but in the next 200 years, the way things are galloping, cannot even imagine, at what level the humanity will be at. 20 years back if I was asked the same question, I would have not put much thought on it and answered that life would almost be as same with some upgradations, but now in these times, where Technology is taking over so rapidly it is just to one's thought how far we can progress.


There are so many areas of life to look at, but the dominant key to everything area of our life will be Technology, the age of AI.

Life 20 years down the line........................
Human intervention will be minimized to a great extent in every field, be it education, retail shopping, manufacturing of products, service based industries, financial systems, medical facilities or whichever area of life you can think of.

We are already seeing how the Education system has been changing now to online learnings. In the medical field Robotic surgeries have already been in place, Retail shopping is online, Manufacturing units have gone into complete automation, blockchain technology has evolved the financial systems as well, we are all seeing how Cryptos are evolving. Though all of this right now needs human intervention. But it is very much possible that 20 to 30 years down the line there will be minimal human intervention in all the areas of life. Whether it will be a household utility or any services, it would all be technology dirven. Already we have restaurants coming up where Robots are at service, this is one of a kind right now, but in the years to come it will become a common thing.

We will have vehicles that without not need drivers, it will all be programmed and automated. Lifetyle of people will upgrade to a new level. Jets and Choppers will become a common mode of transport for common middle class people also. More and more people will start owning their own choppers for their private use. The GPS will be at a different level.


Thinking of it is all good, but at the same time scary as well. It makes me think, then what will we humans do for a living? There will be lesser jobs for us. Majority of the new generation will be themselves working like Robots, because all they will understand will be Technology. People will be at large disconnected from nature, which will not be a very good thing. We may have a world of zombies.

It would be a complete Virtual world.

If 20 years can bring this, Imagine what life will be in the next 200 years. I cannot even think of the technology part. We will be in a complete different world from what we are living in right now. The very basics of life right now that we humans have created, the Religions, the current ones may not exist in that age. Already we are seeing the new age Religions, which many call, the Spiritual Age. May be portable home systems would become a common thing then. Money will be completely redundant, and may be Cryptos also. Technologies of Shape shifting, Mind Reading, Mind Control, Dimensional shifts will be something very common.

Space travel would be common activity, just like how we go for holidays to other Countries right now. In the 200 years, travels to other Planet would be a thing for a common man as well. We may have colonization on other Planets like Mars. Humans would have invented technology by then which would make them live till they would desire. Lab grown babies will be common. We may have Aliens living with us. Transhumanism will be totally accepted and in existence.
I think it would not even be 200 years to this level, may be another 100 years, we will be here. Thinking beyond this is not in my capacity also.


Possibly the children who will be born in the next 20 to 30 years will be genetically programmed for all of this. It would be nothing unusual for them and they would easily accept this change, rather they would be instrumental in bringing this change.

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Space travel would be common activity, just like how we go for holidays to other Countries right now.

I think the same, because when we were child we do not have mobile facilities so it is not impossible that after few years people will travel in the space not only that cares will be made such a way that they can also travel through the sky route. @nainaztengra


It would not be surprising to do Time travel in the 200 years, where you can just mentally transport yourself. That part of the time will be beyond our imagination as of now


Wow! Mentally travel, great idea! @nainaztengra

@nainaztengra being born in late sixties the changes we have seen is mind boggling. From record player to cassette to cd to pen drive to Nano chip to cloud technology the changes are enormous. Next 200 years ? Hard to say .. may be Human will be extinct 😊


True, when telephones came, no one ever thought that we could carry this instrument in our pockets and move around. That part of the time will be beyond our imagination as of now