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Last 24 hours, 15 posts are promoted and available across user feeds.

1. 3 huge things happened on Valentine’s Day 2020

@daltono · 250 votes, 0 comments, promotion expires Sun Feb 16 2020

2. Beans and rice! A fiction

@felixgarciap · 14 votes, 6 comments, promotion expires Sun Feb 16 2020

3. Experience - The difference between Low ⬇️ and High 🔝 Nr of Years

@bravedevelopment · 23 votes, 5 comments, promotion expires Sun Feb 16 2020

4. DEC donation gently asking FOR ME :)

@gregorlca · 1 votes, 0 comments, promotion expires Sat Feb 15 2020

5. Weekly and Fresh #2 📸 (2/52)

@gamer00 · 23 votes, 2 comments, promotion expires Fri Feb 21 2020

6. What is next? Writing the ideal post is always hard and this is what i am writing today 😎

@bravedevelopment · 39 votes, 6 comments, promotion expires Sun Feb 16 2020

7. Life is beautiful with tiny footprints

@bakilio · 6 votes, 0 comments, promotion expires Mon Feb 17 2020

8. Feathers Collection Part 3 - Lightart Photography

@stepko · 194 votes, 7 comments, promotion expires Sat Feb 15 2020

9. Steem = has boosters

@luueetang · 46 votes, 3 comments, promotion expires Sat Feb 15 2020

10. Telos Work Proposals- Which WPs are there now - Middle of February 2020

@voloshyn · 11 votes, 0 comments, promotion expires Sat Feb 15 2020
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This is my first time trying out the promotion feature. I’m curious to see if it increases engagement at all for my post.


For me it did... quite a lot more than I expected to be honest. And I am no star.


That’s awesome news! Bc it is simple to accurate the ESTM. I will use the feature here and there along with the occasional boost. I’m always trying to figure out the best way to make my posts visible to more people.


It does increase views for sure, we are thinking of ways to increase engagement even more. In our todo list, distribute promotion ESTM to people who engage with post.

Genial, en verdad su aplicación es muy buena.

im active too

Very good feature.

I tried promoting post feature many times its good feature its work for me but I tried to boost my post it's not working please #esteem help me why I can't able to boost my post?

@Esteem #Esteem every time I tried to boost my post I will get my ESTM points #ESTM return back to find please help me where I can find more information about that issue why I am not able to boost my post using my ESTM points on they other hand I used my ESTM points to promote my steemit posts and its worked for me every time please esteem app developers help me give me more information or any other esteem app users please share your opinion it you have any experience or information about that