Activity With Encouragement report - Feb 14

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Hello friends and well-wishers,

We would like to share with you some Awesome eSteemians and our Curation effort to encourage everyone in last 24 hours.

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1. @alexanderfluke

Alexander F.

life & travel pictures

Posts 14 · Votes 34 · Earned 43.703 ESTM
Lifetime posts 2179 · Followers 1441

2. @kaminchan


Gardener, self-sufficiency, amateur photographer, nature meditation, half-anarchist & vegetarian

Posts 29 · Votes 40 · Earned 77.078 ESTM
Lifetime posts 29804 · Followers 1669

3. @papilloncharity

Papillon Charity

A registered Non Profit with stunning successes in transforming the lives of the poor!

Posts 18 · Votes 20 · Earned 40.04 ESTM
Lifetime posts 17790 · Followers 1302

4. @olivia08

Nanay Deevi

Survivor 2nd change

Posts 16 · Votes 7 · Earned 56.28 ESTM
Lifetime posts 13353 · Followers 906

5. @janton


Christian, entrepreneur, nutrition, liberty, exhortationist, anti-aging, economic sovereignty, gentleman redneck

Posts 77 · Votes 34 · Earned 65.04 ESTM
Lifetime posts 73180 · Followers 1167

6. @melinda010100


Shadow Hunters and Feathered Friends

Posts 51 · Votes 42 · Earned 62.068 ESTM
Lifetime posts 60257 · Followers 3678

7. @lnakuma


A nerdy veteran, who likes computer stuff, and write about anything comes in mind.

Posts 19 · Votes 15 · Earned 40.04 ESTM
Lifetime posts 420 · Followers 35

8. @kingscrown


Follow for cryptocurrency news and good curation

Posts 15 · Votes 31 · Earned 54.697 ESTM
Lifetime posts 7330 · Followers 30387

9. @pablo1601


fotografia, deportes, música y naturaleza

Posts 27 · Votes 24 · Earned 53.042 ESTM
Lifetime posts 1538 · Followers 149

10. @ospro

I'm A Content Creator - I'm King Of My Own Kingdom

Posts 20 · Votes 11 · Earned 45.05 ESTM
Lifetime posts 1975 · Followers 405

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Thank you so much @esteemapp. It became the best place for me.

It shows on esteem app I am standing at number four on daily leaderboard and at number six on weekly leaderboard list I am not in this no problem I just want to know how to prepare this list daily because I want to be at number one spot on leaderboard because I love esteem and I love to earn ESTM points @esteem

I have just started using the eSteem android app today and wow I'm impressed! I wish I had started earlier! This makes it so much easier to stay up to date on what's happening all the time and not having to wait to get back home and check my steemit account or respond to repkies and stuff! Awesome stuff with the support system too guys!

I hope all are happy who get here something :)
And I hope all have cool weekend :)