My golden girl - mystic love song

4개월 전

My golden girl I'm blue for you all over
today I see you as you really are
awaken from my dream my one true lover
and come for me my moon, my evening star

My love for you is so experimental
that sparks they fly between your heart and mine
igniting feelings totally transcendental
as you and I like helixes entwine

Aflame I feel, alight and burning brightly
engulfed in you so bright I don't exist
the rapture's come, I'm gone, you hold me tightly
yet all that's left is timelessness and bliss

I love you so it rips my world asunder
arise my smiling serpent down below
D'you see the lightning, hear the crack of thunder?
Into your magic garden here we go

When I look into your eyes I see the answer
to every question I have ever had
the truth is you're the song and I'm the dancer
so turn it on and drive me totally mad

I know you hear me now, I feel you listening
to every heart beat, every thought on wing
as time and space dissolve you answer whispering
your name the only song I want to sing

(I composed this ballad a few years ago, and it can be seen a s a mystic Sufi love song between the soul and the Supersoul, or the embodied soul and the transcendent divine source, or of course a simple song from a lover to his beloved. It depends on which level you wish to interpret the symbolism and innuendo in the verses. Similarly historic literature like sacred texts use innuendo when referring to the relationship between the soul and Supersoul, Sacred texts are deeper than we might realize because it does actually depend on the realization of the reader. Spiritual aspirants or seekers like to present their insight as the only one but there may be so many deeper levels to the texts than we even realize. So the true symptom of a mature or evolved soul or seeker, is that they are humble. They do not claim to be the only way, or the truth. Mundane senses are, after all, incapable of comprehending or fully grasping something that is beyond the senses and mind, something transcendent. All we can do is allude to it, from our level of realization, not speculation.)

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