The Primacy of the Place of Worship



Psalms 87:2 (KJV)
The LORD loveth the gates of Zion more than all the dwellings of Jacob.

I know I am taking liberty with the passage but please hear me out. The gates of Zion is a reference to Jerusalem, the place where the Temple was constructed. The dwellings of Jacob would be the homes, whether speaking of the region of each tribe or the individual houses of each family. God loves the Jews. They were and are the apple of His eye. He loved them because He chose to love them. He would love them in their homes. He would love them in their fields. He would love them in their villages.

But there was something the LORD loved more than their dwellings. The LORD loved the gates of Zion. The LORD loved the place of their worship and the performance of their worship.

I realize that I am reaching for this, but I think it points out that, if we look for it, we can see the Bible teaches, from cover to cover, the primacy of our place of worship.

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Psalms 87:2 (KJV) The Primacy of the Place of Worship

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