Growing Sweet Potatoes | My Thoughts On Schools Shutting Down (*Fixed)

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We've never tried growing sweet potatoes before. We only tried growing regular potatoes last year, and it was a huge failure. But, I noticed that some the sweet potatoes in our kitchen were beginning to sprout, so I figured I'd try growing some slips from them that we can put into the garden this year.

We still have several sweet potatoes left over from this past spring, and I noticed that they were beginning to sprout. I'm going to try growing some slips out of them that I can plant in my garden.

Also, I give my thoughts on schools shutting down due to concerns over Covid19.

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Is the simple way to plant sweet potatoes to just bury the sweet potato?


I'm not sure lol. That may be the way to go. From what I gather, the advantage of doing it this way or putting them in water is that they may grow dozens of little sprigs that each can be removed and planted separately. We shall see! 🤞


If it is not to much trouble, will you produce a step by step video of how to grow sweet potatoes.

That'll work. I start my slips by putting them in a clear plastic jar and suspending it from the lip of the container with toothpicks and putting it in the windows of my kids' bedrooms so they can watch the slips grow. I transplant them into containers with potting soil and then harden off outside before planting.


Thanks for the advice! I probably wouldn't have thought to harden them before transplanting.


Do you need to cut the sweet potoes up?


no, you do that for Irish (white) potatoes. Keep them whole in the container and pluck off the green offshoots when they are 6"-12" long. Thanks!


Do I have my information correct...leave a sweet potato alone and it will grow green offshoots (called sweet potato slips) sever the slips from the 'mother sweet potato' and the slips will root in a glass of water...(do I have the story correct thus far?)

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