Harvesting, Cleaning, & Drying Wood Ear Mushrooms

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Recently, I've been learning how to positively identify wild edibles. I'm taking my time and being careful to make sure that I KNOW that I know what things are before I even think about tasting them. I'm also targeting things that don't have any dangerous look alikes in my area.

One wild edible that I've learned to identify is the wood ear or jelly ear fungus. These mushrooms belonging to the genus Auricularia look and feel eerily like a human ear! But, they are edible and even popular in Asian cuisine, so I think I'm going to give them a try. After all, I'm down for trying new foods...

even if they look like this!

Watch as I learn how to harvest, clean, and dry wood ear mushrooms!

It was a very rainy spring! Perfect for the species of Auricularia mushrooms native to Arkansas. And, after lots of research and comparisons, I am finally confident enough in my identification of them that I am ready to harvest a few to eat.

Not only are they supposed to be a great addition to soups and stir fries, but they are also said to have several medicinal properties.

Please note that I am not a mushroom expert! You should not take anything you see/hear in this video as fact; but rather use it as a guide while doing your own research.

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