The Richman's Pond of DEATH

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In a faraway village there lived a Richman whose wealth was much superior to anyone around him. This Richman got bored. He ordered that a pond be built and filled with 14 deadly crocodiles and 17 poisonous snakes. The pond was 35m in length and 20.5m in width. The then decreed that anyone who cold swim from one end of the pond to the other end and survived would be given a house, a car and two bags of gold.

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On the day of the tournament, Mr. Baba and his grandson Gogo made their way to the richman's house. Gogo said to his grandfather, "Grandpa, wont you take the challenge so that we will also be rich?". "You know I fear the sight of Snakes even more than death itself. I would never enter into that pond, never!", Mr. Baba replied hurriedly.

At the Richman's house one look at the pond made Mr. Baba's heart pounded faster than the velocity of a rocket with escape velocity. But as when he stretched to look into the pond, Gogo with good intention pushed his grandpa into the pond. Realising his predicament, the fright that overtook him gave him an adrenaline rush like never before. Mr. Baba swam more than anything in human history and within 5 seconds he was at the other edge of the pool panting.

The Richman quickly rushed over to him, "Oh Baba! You have won!! you have a house, a car and two bags of gold!!!"
Mr. Baba in awe of the situation he just got out of, "Forget the the house, the car and the gold, SHOW ME WHO PUSHED ME INTO THE POND!!!!".

I hope you a good laugh and support if you did.

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I understand Mr. Baba😂...thanks for sharing this with us.

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