[UPDATES] A set of small fixes/upgrades to Peakmonsters


We got some small changes to https://peakmonsters.com/ because of reports from the community

  1. We now show 3rd digit of the value of Reward Cards in the explorer for quests/season rewards
  2. We now show 3rd digit of "Cards Total Value" in quest/season rewards
  3. We now show the ORB graphic in the quest/season rewards
  4. We have updated to have the correct combine rates for New Reward cards
  5. We have double checked that combine rates for ALL editions are correct.
  6. We have done some changes to the code to help accounts with crazy amounts of cards load better
    This means on some accounts loading the assets and then calculating the value will be separated.
    There is one account in particular that has trouble loading @j6969 because it has over 250k cards

Please double check and let us know if you have any other bugs or requests.


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There is nothing wrong with Steem Monsters, neither with PeakMonsters, nor with any other game on the Steem blockchain. The problem is the fact that most of the users are selfish and greedy. Almost everywhere I go on the Steem blockchain, the number of the human comments under the blog posts are low. Some blog posts does not even have any comments. Most of the users are focusing only on their own blog posts, but they do not care about other people's blog posts, and this is very disappointing. People should use the Steem blockchain naturally, as a social media.

Please, tell me. Honestly. What do you think about the future of the Steem blockchain?
I ask this, because based on what people are doing nowadays, I would say that the Steem blockchain will not have a very bright future. What do you think?


is it possible to put a bid in to buy a 'fully maxed out card only' in peak monsters?