Moved to Hive

11개월 전

Splinterlands moved to HIVE and so did we.
We've been posting plenty about it here:


Let's be honest few are probably reading this here on Steem and Steemit INC censors any bad news about steem so this may not stay up anyway. But just in case thought we'd drop the message here.


It was successful and things are running pretty smoothly. Now with DEC only for market purchases we will need to develop a peakcredit system for DEC. Until then things like bids and loyalty rewards aren't possible.

We are even bringing back rentals until a new rental system can take over.

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Read it. Glad to hear that the move was smooth, but sad to hear that you moved.


Read it. Glad to hear
That the move was smooth, but sad
To hear that you moved.

                 - glory7

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

I am reading it, unfortunately I am not moving with you, so this is the definite good bye.

Read, Good luck and have fun on hive. I am happy with steem and steemit😀. keep my cards safe.