[NEWS] 10% PowerUp promotion works on PeakMonsters.com


Just a quick word to make sure our users know that:
The Power Up promotion works buying packs on PeakMonsters.com



Peakmonsters Buying

We facilitate a transaction between you and @steemmonsters account. Therefore there is virtually no difference between you buying through our site. It's identical wallet transaction as if you bought on their site.

Let me put it this way you're not buying from Peakmonsters.com... We're just a portal.

So yes you'll get your promotional SteemPower sent to your account.
Already several users have bought 5,10,100, 500 packs and many of them have taken advantage of buying some DEC to make the purchase cheaper.

Please let us know if you buy 100-500 packs with DEC and you'd like me to manually send you a profit sharing proportion since it's not automated.


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I will buy some cards and this is nice offer

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  ·  작년

Hi @peakmonsters, I just bought 100 Untamed Packs using 200000 DEC to make my payment. My transaction ID for the purchase is TRX ID: 1775f3107847b9b397d173f8285ec06f24e637ac
I do hope I get the profit sharing proportion for buying up to 100 packs as you promised in this post. my username is @ketcom.


Hey, I'm sure @jarvie will handle this soon. Meanwhile feel free to join our Discord server: https://discord.gg/YU2hsTU


Yes the loyalty reward was manually sent @ketcom

  ·  작년

Thanks, I got it. Well done.