[MARKET DATA] State of the Rental Markets


I know it's super hard to believe but the rental markets have continued to grow. At least in several categories over the last month.

My rental totals are way down and so are several other top owners... but the stats don't lie. We have seen a big increase in the month since I did the last analysis.


This is being added to the PeakMonsters Community which is in beta phase on steemit and almost about to be released on https://steempeak.com/

STATJan 24Dec 13Dec 2Increase since Dec 13
Total Contracts open84446838628123.49%
Daily value of contracts162.22158.98158.182.04%
unique delegatees (renters)47341639713.70%
uniwue delegators (owners)29525523815.69%
steem+sbd in escrow1263111975102355.48%
How much top owner makes daily17.6519.5724.6-9.81%
How much top renter spends daily4.264.354.4-2.07%
Sub .01 rentals39862711252347.03%
.001 rentals1423103099038.16%
Above .1 rentals257288316-10.76%
Escrow above 1 steem2809268223124.74%


  • Seems like a lot more smaller rentals
  • In fact with an increase of 1200+ sub .01 rentals it seems like the increase of open contracts is primarily smaller rentals.
  • Overall value of the rental market has been pretty stagnant at 2%
  • Lots of new owners renting out cards is likely bringing in more competition specially when they see the 20-40% ROI for renting cards.
  • So many new owners without a huge increase of renters
  • Probably a downward pressure on rental prices
  • But also likely to mean some owners haven't been adjusting their prices down to stay competitive while new owners have been.
  • Maybe new price discovery tools have made it so it's easier and faster to compete with the lower price making it easier on new owners.
  • Lots more people are renting at .001 and .002 daily
  • Meanwhile escrows are being used more
  • Are players getting more savvy about which cards they want to rent and opting for cheaper cards or for playing more silver/gold decks instead of champ decks?


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  ·  작년

We are lacking people who rent cards

  ·  작년

Specially when you consider that many OWNER accounts will rent out enough cards for several accounts worth of cards... and a typical RENTER will never rent out more than one account worth.

And 295 owners and 473 renters are way too close together

  ·  작년

People don't know about PeakMonsters. It would be great if it was somehow a part of the main site.

  ·  작년

Yeah, I think it would be in the games interest if they had a little ad for peakmonsters on the main website.

  ·  작년

I need to adjust my prices. My daily income keeps dropping.

I will not lease out my cards cheaply - they bring me much more profit than rent!

  ·  작년

I guess it helps to remind people 2% monthly is about equivalent to 24% APR ... that's a decent investment. And for some people don't forget that you didn't buy them at today's rates... you got some of those alpha commons for like 2-3 cents a BCX. haha So it may say 2% on the screen but we know that really means like 5-6% monthly because of the prices you actually spent. :)