Build the Earth Construction Hunt Contest #6 (85 Steem in Rewards)(5/22/2021 - 5/29/2021)

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Hello everyone! This week's construction hunt had 5 really interesting submissions, and each of the submissions went into a lot of detail about the builds! I was really pleased to see that. One thing I would like to specify is that if you are including background information from an online source, you should credit that source. Several users lost points on formalities this week because of that, but please do continue to do research, and include the extra information! Just make sure to reference where you got the information from. With that in mind, this post marks the beginning of week 6. You can find the rules and resources for the contest here.

Please make sure to read them, as I will be adding a new rule (discussed later in this post under new rule)

Anyway, like I said, this week had a lot of really good submissions, and in this post we will discuss the three winners. Again, please go and look at the other submissions and provide the authors with support. It is obvious that each of these submissions was well-prepared, and that the users really spent a lot of time making these articles. In this article, I will also discuss the statistics which were really encouraging this week!

Let's discuss the winners!

Winners of Construction Hunt in week #5

This week, I used the same 90 point scoring system as last week: 30 points based on style, 30 based on cohesiveness, and 30 based on observed formalities. The results came out to be:

Third Place

In third place, I selected @ikechukwu411's article discussing builds from the UK. This post was really thorough in terms of the context it provided about each of the builds. I would recommend that he reference his sources in the future, but otherwise the article was well written (especially for it being his first submission), and I would highly recommend readers go support him!

Reward: 10 Steem Power

Second Place

For second place, I have selected @franklin.tsosa's post about builds in Mexico. This post was really exciting to read since it discussed a country I had not really seen many articles about yet in these submissions. Franklin clearly checked the resource post for some other channels this week (or just discovered it on his own). I really liked how much depth Franklin went into about each of the builds, but I would once again ask that he reference where he is getting his information from. This post was very well done, and I definitely enjoyed reading it! I would highly recommend readers go check it out!

Reward: 25 Steem Power

First Place

In first place, I have selected @stephenpaul's post about builds in Australia. This article was really well formatted in that it had a list of builds that were all related to one another. In addition to this, Stephen found a video with a narrator discussing the builds which was quite fascinating to watch! I really enjoyed this post, and all of the detail that Stephen went into. Once again, I would make sure to reference sources in the future, but other than that, I really liked this article, and hope to see it do well in the ad!

Reward: 50 Steem Power and one $14 facebook ad



New Rule

Before I discuss growth this week, I want to make sure to be clear about the new rule.

In order to qualify for the contest from now on, users must upload a screenshot (to the steem post's comments) of a comment on the original creator's video or post if the user is not the original creator (which so far we have not had any builders).

The comment should be meaningful, and demonstrate that the user actually watched the video or read the original post, and should also inform the creator that their post was used in the user's article with a link to the article.

I'm adding this rule in hopes that it will bring more people from Build the Earth to the platform. Keep in mind that the quality of the comment will now also be judged in addition to the quality of the post.

Community Growth and Facebook Growth

I am really excited to discuss growth this week! I finally figured out what was going on with the Facebook ads, and fixed it for this week's (a day or two late). Because of that, you can see much more growth on the Facebook page. In addition to that, I used the page to like other Build the Earth project pages, and one of the official pages actually followed our page!

I did change several things this week. The first thing I changed was the page name. I noticed that the other Build the Earth pages do not include minecraft in their name (I.E. Build the Earth France). So I decided to change the name from Minecraft Build the Earth Steem to just Build the Earth Steem.

Similarly, I noticed that all of the Build the Earth pages have the same globe with their respective country's flag as their page's logo. So, I decided to change the profile picture from a generic picture of a globe to the Build the Earth logo with the Steem logo instead of a flag. You can see that image on the thumbnail (and first image) of this post.

I'm really excited to see how the page continues to grow, and I hope that more growth in the future will really look attractive to the Build the Earth teams! Here are the charts this week:



My biggest goal for the Facebook page over the next year is to surpass the official Build the Earth Facebook page in terms of likes and follows. The official page is currently around 700, and our Facebook page is currently around 40. I think with consistent posting and advertising, that goal is definitely achievable.

In order to achieve this goal, please consider liking and following the Facebook page, and engaging with the posts!

Statistics for the Ads

If you read last week's update, you may remember that the ads seemed to be giving me false numbers. @remlaps and I found the problem. Facebook automatically checks instagram too as a place to advertise. So all of those numbers are for instagram posts (which are worthless since people can't click through on instagram). I changed that, and immediately saw a spike in engagement on the post, and an increase in the amount of likes the page was getting. I will be continuing to buy engagement ads, and inviting the people who like the post to like the page. Here are the statistics this week:




Thanks for reading this! Make sure to invite your friends to participate in this contest! I have some exciting things planned, and can't wait to read the submissions for this week! Have an awesome day!

The liquid rewards of this post will go towards future contests and advertising

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Wow. This is truly an honor. Thanks so much for the first place award. It's an honor and congratulations to the rest of the winners. I hope to participate in future contests, not only reviewing builds but also constructing mine. I have finally purchased a laptop and I'm ready to venture into the practical world of Minecraft. Thanks once more for this privilege.

Thank you my brother, so that you know each image in the bottom part has its source link, the article was created from the Build The Earth wep of Mexico, thank you for taking me into account. I hope to improve even more for you and the community.

Here is my participation for this week's contest:

Special thanks once more goes to @cmp2020 for this privilege, it's my honor to participate. And in line to the new rules of the contest(which i think is a great strategy to introduce more people to the steemit Community), here is my response/comment to the original video from the YouTube channel thus;

Here is my entry for this weeks contest, i hope you love it

I must say a very big thank you for displaying amazing skills in the construction of these structures in Build the earth France.. I'm excited to let you know I learnt a lot from your works.. From this builds I made a little post on steemit community (a platform that allows us talk about our views in BTE) with your builds which I would want you to see.. Below is the link, try check it out!


Hello @ cmp2020, here is my article link for this week, hopefully it will be included in the category of the contest that you are holding.

And here I have commented on Wigit's Youtube channel as a notification that I have made the content titled Singapure BTE 1: 1 a link in this article.


Congratulations to the 3 winners!!

Congratulations the winner.

Congratulation for the winner 🎊🎉

And thanks to the new rules update in the next contest 🙏🏻

Good job 😊