Building my High School in Minecraft Part 2 - The Other Buildings

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Hello everyone! If you haven't already seen it, I have posted the post for the construction hunt this week. I invite anyone interested to write about builds from the Build the Earth project (whether it's their own build or someone else's). There is lots of Steem up for grabs!

I have been continuing my initiative to build my hometown in minecraft, starting with my high school. In the last post (part 1), I built the "main building". It is in this building that most of the academic classes occur. However, there are several other "buildings" that are interconnected to form the entire school building. In this post, I built those. These were, the main gym, the aux gym, the cafeteria, the library, and the auditorium (as well as the overall building that connects them). Here is the video, after the video, I will discuss some of the details from this build:

The Details

In all, I have spent over 30 hours on this project (around 24 actually building and probably 10 or more editing). That was mind blowing to me when I added all of the video's times up (especially considering I still have to do the entire landscape and parking lot). Then, I realized that my parents and I watched all 8 seasons of the TV show 24. Each season consists of 24 1 hour episodes. That means 8 days of my life were spent watching 24. That made this project feel much more productive. I don't even want to do the calculations for the fact that I have watched all 8 seasons of Game of Thrones twice. . .

Anyway, let's discuss the different segments of the build. The YouTube description has the time stamps in it.

The Gym

Anyway, the first thing I worked on for this build was the Gym. I remember trying to figure out how the outline worked, and deciding that the outline was wrong in an area and changing it to what I thought it should be. I then proceeded to spend 3 hours building the entire gym. I then noticed at the end that the roof did not look right where I had changed the outline. So, I asked a guy on the server to come take a look. He then noticed I hadn't followed the outline, and pointed it out. I told him I thought it was wrong. He said he could try to make an outline that was right. So I gave him permission to destroy the section of the building. He then built a copy of the outline (which I had said was wrong) in the air, and said that that was what I needed to follow. I was glad that I hadn't had to destroy the building because I would not have been able to. I built it again following the "wrong" outline, and it came out looking correct. That goes to show that you should not always change things because they don't look right in infancy. You need to envision what the finished product will look like.

Aux Gym and Cafeteria

Next, I worked on the aux gym and cafeteria. Both of these went well I'd say. The problem came in trying to find the corners of the buildings that were not in the outline, but I used measurement tricks and the line tool to eventually work it out. You can see me counting in the video. Just remember it is super sped up. So when I spend 20 minutes literally just counting, it looks like I try 3 or four times in 10 seconds and then figure it out. Making sure this is right is crucial though (so it is definitely worth triple checking. The last thing I wanted to do was finish the building, and find out I counted wrong).


You will notice that half of the library pops into existence (which actually turned out for the better considering how long the video is). While I'd like to say that I found a command that would literally build it for me, I may or may not have forgotten to start the recording after going to talk to @remlaps about something I heard in a podcast I was listening to. I did this when working on half of the auditorium's roof, too (even though @remlaps reminded me to restart the recording). I really was dreading working on the library because I thought the roof would be hard to make, but it actually didn't take too long. The tough part was trying to replicate the pattern in the concrete in the detailing phase.

The Auditorium

Ironically, the last part of the building I worked on was the first one I got to experience as a student: the auditorium and music area. You will notice half of the auditorium roof pops into existence. I'm just that good. This building was much easier to build after having worked on the gym earlier (because the two buildings are similar).

BTE 4.png

Google Earth 4.PNG


The best part about this point in the building process, is it feels like you are done because all of the buildings have been created, but really you have to go back and add in the details. Tiny things like air conditioning units, windows, cables, and doors. I spent a lot of time on detailing, and it's the most fun to edit because you don't stay in one place for very long.

During this phase, I had a fun experience with the other people on the server. Someone joined for the first time to become a builder, and when we asked where he was from, it turned out he was from the same area as one of the veteran builders. I joked that they should have a build off to see who gets to work on that area, and they actually did it (for fun though. Not to see who gets to work on the area). Watching that veteran member build made me realized, how amateur I am. He knew so many tricks that I was clueless about. Here's a screenshot I took of his build (he was still working, but I left to continue working on my build around this point):



Thanks for reading this! This project has been super fun, and I am really grateful for all of the support that people have been showing. My hope is to get the participants in this project onto Steem, and so I hope you will definitely consider posting about Build the Earth in this community (whether you're building in the project or not) to encourage those who are participating and may happen to glance at the community. Again, here's the link to this week's construction hunt. Come join the fun! Anyway, have a great day!

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Awesome build! @cmp2020. For the records, I think you're very good too. This is a very stunning build construction, I do say so myself, judging from the videos I've seen on the Build The Earth YouTube channel. My personal favorites from the video are the library, aux, gym and cafeteria areas, I think they truly came alive in those builds.
I'm a newbie to this project, I've never actually heard of Minecraft until I participated in the first contest you hosted, I'm enthused and I want to get more practical by learning to use Minecraft. If you're an amateur,then I surely have a great task ahead.
And yes! GOT was that good but seeing the whole series twice?!
That's something!
Thanks for sharing. Greater feat ahead.


Thank you so much! If you would like me to teach you how to build, please feel free to reach out on discord (in my bio)


Thanks for the offer. It would be my pleasure to learn from you.

You have come a long way with respect to the post I saw of your construction earlier, I have a question you show two images, one looks like the traditional minecraft that I have always played and the other image shows more definition in the construction.

You use a MODS or is it just a blueprint of how the build should look?

By the way, good job, when I buy myself a more powerful computer I will surely join your service and make some disaster since I am bad at building.


Thanks! Yeah build the earth is a modpack. It's actually not that hard to build after you do it enough.


Hello sir @cmp2020, apologize for this message. Can I contact you via discord?

Thank you,

good luck.
Best Regard,


Of course

Good luck sir @cmp2020 👍