Building the German Village of Beilstein: Build the Earth - Germany

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Hello everyone! Welcome to yet another report on the Build the Earth Minecraft project! Today, we visit Germany with the little village of Beilstein. First, for anyone unaware of the Build the Earth project, and its respective community here on Steem, you can read more here!

As with the French report, I will save 50 percent of this article's author rewards for the German team to claim within the next 3 months if they please. I ask that whoever claims them prove to me that they are the video creator, or have the video creator's permission to claim the rewards.

Building the German Village of Beilstein

Similarly to the French project building the village of Turenne, the German team of 25 talented builders decided to attempt to build a small German village in the span of 48 hours. The video highlights the building process with engaging narration.

Beilstein sits next to the Moselle river (Mosel in German), and has existed since 800 AD. In 1268 AD, the town became part of the estate of the Lords of Braunshorn, and it was because of Heinrich VII that Beilstein was given town privileges in 1309 AD. One of its most prominent features aside from its ruined castle is the Carmelite monastery which was constructed from 1691 AD to 1783 AD. The town of Beilstein is now part of the state of Rhineland-Palatinate. Source

Here is the video of the German team's construction of this quaint little village:

Here is proof that I had permission to post this here:

permission for village.PNG


It is truly incredible how much these builders can accomplish! I am still stuck trying to make one building in West Chester with a tricky slanted roof. . . I hope the German team will consider posting their progress here on Steem in this community to earn some rewards for the incredible work they are doing! Thanks for reading this post! Make sure to check out the German Build the Earth YouTube channel!

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Great idea, thank you for doing this! Of course, they are welcome to join us on Steem at any time. Their work is really astonishing and it should definitely be rewarded.

I admire the attention to detail.

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