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Hello, I woke up early in the morning and I went to the mosque for Fajr prayers. In the mosque I prayed Fajr prayers, came back home and took a bath in the house and wearing new clothe, I went to the shop and opened my shop. or do my job or my logo sy payment or behta rha phr mn apna kaam karne ke lieyie bop bank chala geya wnha py me apna kaam kia bank mn wnha py mn behta rha or manger ko me kha us ny mera kar kar dia phr uno ny mujhe juice pilaya un ka mn thanku kheta hoo phr uno ny mujhe kha slip fill kro phr me slip fill ki mujhe bhout acha lagha bhout nice man the mera dil khush hoo geya sab After seeing this, I went to my shop Please open my new account or open a new account for me. Please open a new account for me. mn shop py chala geya or us ke bad mn apni farm py geya wnha py me kaam kia or park mn behta rha or phr me apni field mn walk ki mujhe bhout acha laga meri field bhout achi thi mera dil khush hoo geya phr mn ghar ageya.

or phr mn thori dher tak apni shop py behta rha mere pass fertilizer ka rm ageya tha un ki bhate sunta rha or wo mujhe apni sth pakpattan ly gaye wnha ja kar ham ny visit kia or sab dealers wnha behte hawai hameri metting howi dher bd ham ny khana khaya or phr mn apni dokan py a geya or phr me apna kaam kiya or bank chala geya wnha kuch check the wo deposit karwae or or cash thi wo deposit karwai phr mn wnha behta rha casier ke sth bhate karta rha or phr mn atm machines ke geya wnha sy me paise lieyie or phr mn dokan py ageya hoo wo paise man aya wo mujse ly geya us ko mene dene the us ko phr mein di dieyie us ny mujhe thank kha or mujhe bhout acha lagha me Please help improve this article or section by expanding it.





Hello, I got up early in the morning and I fasted and I prayed at the mosque and prayed at home. phr mn teyar hoo kar shop py chala geya wnha py me kaam ki a or phr me apna hisab kia phr me beht kar calculation ki me ketene bags sale kieyie or mn phr jin logo sy payment. If you want to make a payment, you can use the logo in your profile. I have been working in the field for a long time, I have been doing business with my fertilizer, I have been to my shop in the morning or I have been going home in the evening, I have been doing marketing for many years now, I have been living here for a day or I have a new friend. If you are looking for a new way to make a living, or if you are looking for a better way to make a living, or if you are looking for a better fertilizer, then you need to find a way to make a living or to make a living. top py aye hove the phr ham ko sham ho gayi phr ham home.
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