The diary game by @alinawaz 16-6-2021

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How are you all friends? I am fine too. I got up early this morning and I offered the Fajr prayer and after the Fajr prayer I recited the Qur'an again. I came home with free air and food. After eating, I went to my shop. The battery of my mobile phone was broken. I went to a mobile shop. From there I got my battery for the mobile phone and I asked them for a cable belly charging bill and then I took pictures there. Also made that you can see your picture I made it on mobile shop and you can see.


You can see it is charging in front of you which is very good charging. It takes all kinds of mobiles and it charges very fast and I also took a charging from there.


You can see the cable in front of you These cables are attached to every mobile. They are very good. We can pick up the cable from here and attach it to the mobile.


You can see that you can see all kinds of cables which are white in color and blue in different colors. It is also for Samsung and it is also for iPhone. Applies to all types of mobiles.


You can see that it looks very hands-free. It is very good. If you are busy with our work, listen to us. You can hear that they are very good for us. They are very different. Some are megi and some are cheap. It is for all types of mobiles. It is also for Samsung. It is also for Huawei mobiles. It is also for Vivo mobiles.


The machine you are looking at is for the panel. It is changed overnight here. It is the best machine for the panel. This machine is very expensive. It is for all types of mobiles. It is available at the mobile shop. Available where the panel changes.


You can see it. You can see the USB. It is for USB song. So we can put our song video etc. in it. It also affects the computer. It also affects the muscles. The phone also gets stuck. Nowadays it is getting very standby.


You can see that this is the color of the mobile that looks like on the back of the mobile so we apply it or we can hold the mobile. This ring is very fieda. We put our finger in it and we We can watch the video or we can watch something by raking it somewhere This was my information even today. If you like it, let me know.

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