The diary game with steem by @alinawaz 10-5-2021

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Hello all my friends will be fine and i am fine too i got up early in the morning and i fasted and after fasting i went to the mosque to pray and returned home after acting and after that i did the housework And I was sitting at home then I took a shower and came to my shop. I did my own thing and sat down. Bring a spray. I said okay I did my job. When I finished my work, I went to the sapre shop. I asked them what the spray was and how to do it. Then I took the spray and I asked him and he told me very well and my heart was glad to hear and I sat next to him and he said one has to put one liter in the spray tank. Will all end Spraying improves the field Spraying kills mosquitoes and does not come back After the first spray, carbon is added. It has very good resilt. It is very good for the crop. It has very good results. And rust is added to the crop. Grain is very good for the crop. It gives very good result. The crop is achi hiti and the result is very good. And there's a poison in it that gets the worm in the mickey. We have a spray hain stinker that thickens Arabic I took all the sapry from him and he explained to me that this is how to do it. I understood and told him to pack it. He packed it again and then I gave him the money. I liked it very much and his Too many rush tha logs at the shop come to him from afar to pick him up He was very nice when I went to the store He gave me a bottle and sat me down And then I thanked him and thanked him and came to my shop.


I woke up early in the morning and fasted and went to the mosque after fasting and when I went I prayed Fajr prayer and returned home after Fajr prayer. And then I got ready and went to the shop in hokar and when I came to the shop I opened the shop and I sat down I did my work. When I was free, I went to the khad ki shop together. There I saw khade. Then I asked him what is the result of applying DAp. He told me that it is a very good result. You should apply an urea bi. You will get a very good result. I obeyed him. I said let it go. Then he gave it to me. I planted it on my crop and I got a very good result. Then I was very happy about it. I am very happy that you told me that the result was very good When I went to the shop, he had Dap tara ssp or urea engro urea tara dap engro dap sona sab khade thi. He had it. tha people were coming from so far away to take it I asked him what is the rate of tara sp he told me that this wire is SP it is best for earth it is very useful barren The best for the earth Then I took Tara SSP from it and then I put it in my crop and got the best result I will tell all my friends whose land is barren or not to add SSP. Ali will get very good result from it. This was my information for today. I worked all day today. Then I took pictures in the last that you can see Then I returned home.


When I was returning home, my motorcycle broke down and I went to a motorcycle workshop where I repaired the motorway. The mechanic said that the color of your motorcycle has faded The motorcycle is not starting The mechanic told me to do this. You should stop the motorcycle with me today and come back tomorrow The mechanic told me that your motorcycle will be fine and it will cost ten thousand rupees I stopped the motorbike and came to my shop. The next day I went to the shop and the motorbike was fine. I gave him the money and I started the check motor. I thanked him again and he He said that nothing like this will happen now I rode the bike and checked, then let's go, then I came back home Then I put the key of the motorcycle and I changed the filter of the bike and tuned it so that it is ready. Later I repaired the brakes of the motorcycle. The brakes were too low. Then I repaired it. Then after that I checked the motorcycle and the seat cover was cracked. I checked the petrol. I got the petrol and checked it. It was fine. Then I checked the bike and came back home.


All my friends will be fine and I am fine too. I got up early this morning. I fasted and went to the mosque. When I left, I offered the Fajr prayer and returned after the Fajr prayer. When I got home I rested and after a while I got ready for my shop. When I got ready I went around my crop first and came home after getting around then I took the car to my shop. When I was coming to my shop, there was water on the way. The car got very bad and it got dirty. Then when I came to the shop, I stopped and I finished my work. We have Iftar. When I saw the condition of the car, the car was very bad Then I went to the service station I had the call serviced and cleaned the car or my car shone and it will be fine and then I cleaned the inside too and then I polished lagwai or well I cleaned the car Cleaned up and then I went back to my shop then said apny mulazam ko hit the car with the cloth sy saaf ki and then stopped the car Then the time for breaking the fast was very short. After breaking the fast we came back to our house. We felt very good. I am very happy that I worked today. I hope you like my post.


I was called the next day by a friend so you have to come to me today. Today you have Iftar on my behalf. Then I did what I said. Well, I will come to you. I said first I went to my shop I have to go. I have to do my work. When I am free, I will come to you. So I called my friend who was with me in the car. I have a friend's iftar. I have to go there. Then we will be both. Then we went to Depalpur. A friend gave us iftar there and we had iftar. We liked it very much. We talked a lot there. We sat there and we liked it very much. Then we took a selfie in our last Then we sat there with him for a long time then we talked to each other then he told me I did this I did this I did what you are doing I told him I am doing my business He was very happy and I was very happy and so we met him and we took permission and came home. We had a great day. We had a great day. Went to my friend and iftar this was my today's information that I did my job today And then we came back home and then we rested at home and slept.

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