The diary game with steem eid enjoy friends by @alinawaz 15-5-2021

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Hello my esteemed friends I hope you are all well Alhamdulillah I am fine and happy too I want to tell you about this morning it was a very beautiful morning I got up at four o'clock today and I washed my face And then the forest water came out. Then I washed my face and walked towards the mosque. I went to the mosque and offered the Fajr prayer and then I recited the Qur'an. Then when I came back home I changed my clothes and for Eid I put on new clothes then I applied perfume and after applying perfume I went to the mosque where I prayed Eid and met my friends. I like it very much and i like it very much i got peace of mind i read Eid and came back with friends When I came home, the guests had come. I sat next to the guest and met him and talked to him. Then I drank the bottle. Then I rested.


Then I met my friend and sat next to him and I talked to him. I passed a picture with him and I liked it very much and I shared this statement with him. After I had work I went back home Then I went home and completed my work or whatever work I had I completed my work Then I went to my farmhouse or there I wandered around my land and watered the crop and after watering the crop I came back home and I was very tired I came again and rested Then it would be evening and then I fell asleep Then I woke up an hour later Then after that I ate food and after that I said I watched the drama, I watched the drama for a long time, then I used my mobile phone or I gave Eid Mubarak to my friends and I was very happy and then they told me we Is going to enjoy the next day Then I said to him we will go he said ok you teyar rehna tomorrow I said ok .


I woke up in the morning on Monday and I prayed Fajr and after praying I came home and then I ate and got free after eating and then I did my homework. Then I fell asleep And then I got up at three o'clock and then my friend ny call ki ready which we head sulemanki will go Then they came to pick me up. Then we went to the head of Sulemanki Then we did well Then we saw the river, there was a lot of water in it And there were many people who came to see And then we sat by the river Stay And then they came upon us And then we got hungry again and then we ate and ate and all the friends sat there And there were a lot of people taking selfies and we took selfies too And then we talked to the soldiers and we told them we have to watch the parade. They said you can parade. We said we're going.


You can see in the picture that I am sitting on the side of the canal The water was too much, the water was coming too fast I sat there and watched the water. I was very impressed. Then I took pictures and after that I took pictures of the water and people were watching the water. I also went there and sat down. Said you didn't go If you don't go to this side, there is a lot of danger there Then we sat on the bridge of the river and took a picture. The water was falling down with great speed. The man was also catching fish. We also saw that. And people were hunting ducks And then we went to the parade dekhi parade. When we went there was a lot of rush. There were military parades. There were Indians. There were Pakistanis. We sat on our side. There were Pakistanis sitting here. There is a lot of rush. People were watching very well. People were very jazba and we liked it very much and we also sat there and we also paraded for an hour. Then we came back to them and we were very happy. There are so many on the occasion of Eid. Ny enjoy. Was this my today's information that I did all day today? And well done.


And then on the third day of Eid, a friend called me and said, "You have to come to me today. Today we have to go to a bakery. I said, 'OK, I'll do my housework and come to you.' Will When I was free then I went to my friend's pass and sat next to him then he said let's go then we went then when we went there was too much rush tha there was no place to sit then we went there We waited and we got a place and we sat there too then we ate pizza there and we ate biryani and then we sat there too and after that we drank bottle and bottle and so on and we went out. And then we went to the fast food shop one by one And there we ate fruit licking charts and burgers after that We made pics and we loved it and then we came back home and we had a great time on this eid. Our eid is going very well with friends. And I'm very happy.

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