Better life the diary game by (@Hafizhaseeb)

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Hello friends

how are you all i hope you are all well friends i am going to share a diary post with you today so friends start then friends i got up early this morning i brushed my teeth I did not come and then I went to my madrassa where I prayed and sat in the room then my teacher said to me that today you have taught the children then he has been teaching you the children there and Then around eight o'clock I got back in my house
and I thought to watch TV today and be informed about the condition of the character of the cricket team of our country, so I sat for a while and watched TV.
Just at 8 o'clock my mother said eat so I sat down to eat to eat and then I ate to eat
then I went to my madrassa I went to the madrassa I did my education I got up and continued my studies till about one o'clock and then I prayed and came back to my house. When I got home I got some rest. Yes, my eye was affected and I fell asleep and woke up at about five o'clock and saw that the time for prayer was very close. I quickly washed my hands and I went to the mosque
. Prayed and then I went out of the mosque and I saw that there is a tent service shop next to our mosque and some people were carrying some chairs and luggage on a tractor trolley there so I took a picture of them I made and you shared with others
, friends, then I went to the bazaar and I saw that there is a lot of rush in the bazaar and there is no place for this sit-in, so I took a picture of this crowd and took a picture in my mobile and You share with friends
so when I got to the market I found a friend of mine there I sat on the bike with my friend and I went that I went with him and then I was going I was on my way I saw a beautiful flower and I made some pictures of it and the first flower you can see is a jasmine flower and a beautiful one.
It is a small plant and it has a flower with it. Its design is very lovely. Allah Almighty has made the design of everything very high and there are a few patterns which are beyond our thinking. Going further, I saw that there are some machines in a world that are very important for us that harvest wheat and we have a lot of work to do.

Then I called home and bought something from the market. Deliver it to your house then I came back to the market and I saw a man selling some mangoes on a wheelbarrow so I went to him and I bought some goods and made a picture of mangoes and shared it with your friends.
So when I was returning home, I saw some machines on the way. They are called harvesters, which are used for harvesting wheat. Then I made a picture of it and shared it
with your friends. And by this time it was time for the evening call and I was on my way to the mosque after praying when I passed in front of a school.I saw a light coming from the sun behind a tree and a tree at school so it looked so beautiful so I made a picture of it too and shared it with
my friends and in the mosque When I arrived I took a picture and shared it with you because you know it is hot now so when I reached the mosque the water was very hot so I passed because there is a passage in our mosque which is cold water I can't even do it and even the heat, so I burned the house and the water cooled down
and the sun was about to set when I came out of the mosque and I said I made a picture of the sun and share it with your friends.

My achievement 1

I hope you guys will like my post.

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