My pet chiks (steemlions)

5개월 전

Hello friends

how are you all I hope you are all well friends today I am going to share with you a photography post in which you can see that the first picture you will see a chik .
This chik is very beautiful, its color is so beautiful, its color is light color, it is black color and its face on which you can see that there is some red looking fat in this chik. This is a beautiful rooster. This is a native chik. In the pictures of the friend, you will see another one which is the last several positive steps. It is a little bigger. Cell chik can be said to be very common in our area but there are different types of them which are rarely found in good Syrian countries and are common farms.
Chik are very common and it is all beautiful so friends. If what you see in this picture is black, then it is very beautiful to look at and chicken meat like them is very tasty and its price is very high.

I remember their price starts from about five thousand and it is fifty thousand relationship it is very beautiful I asked for this picture and I like it very much out of all the chickens so friends in this last picture you Looking at the chik see also. It is called chik. Its meat is very tasty to eat. This chik is found most in our areas. And it is the longest and its face is all red and this country .
I like the most is very much more delicious than it I like it very much I hope you guys like my post Would love to

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