Our apologies of our absence during Covid-19 Lockdown

2개월 전

Boy.... our last blog was truly more than a month ago!

Which there shouldn't be much of an excuse; nevertheless it has still been quite a bit of a mess handling remote work at the same time piled with offline part-time jobs.

Nevertheless, through this pandemic, having even with little payment is better than no wages at all; as many Malaysians with small businesses like street food hawkering were greatly affected.

Even with Government support there were just not enough to go on for 58 days now.

And I can imagine how this is going for those who sacrificially still staking this account, but yet continued to silently support.

But for those who has undelegated during the lockdown, such as @majes.tytyty and @mariusfebruary the amount that I am goingo to collect will re-imbursed one last time. Who knows how they are doing and what they are going through.



Based on last recorded staked holders back in March, they both still have this significant amount in the percentage, so based on whichever chain they are active in, there will be reimbursement based on all the SP collected (above).

How to plan forward

In this pandemic and economy recession, it is even more adamant that people need to know that while one may no longer be able to rely on fiat currency, Crypto currency such as this chain (and the new forked out chain) may one day be a crypto that becomes the alternative payment (which was innocently envisioned 2 years ago) idea could be much more solidified than ever before.

No one knows how the future works, but having this extra at hand that allows curation "compound" interest to support content creators may be the new norm for a while until "normal life" continues.

However places like Venezuela already foretaste what happened from all the stories shared here , hence @project.hope's vision to at least liberate them a little from their suffering through showcasing the strength of creativity via manual curation and re-steeming is crucial, to at least keep everyone afloat and slow down the unavoidable catastrophic melt-down with no reservation.

How to totally expand the idea, at this point of time there are still thoughts need to gather; but do stay tuned as talks of reviving business-product-promoting plans for current accounts like @omnivori , @capduagajah and a new upcoming NGO @pwdfarmability's stories are crucial right now as business entities in Malaysia continue to struggle and seek help.

This account will still try to tag along @project.hope and @fundition (if they are still alive and kicking) on this platform to keep collecting SP and hopefully the sacrificial delegations to this account to support good content writers will not be put to waste; but there will be days when liquidated earnings here will need to be exchanged into fiat in order to help families who lost their jobs while @gtpjfoodbank's resources start to dwindle.

Thank you for taking your time for reading this (whoever still read through this platform) and hopefully, when there's finally a way to battle this unknown enemy safely and collectively, things could go normal again.

Until then

HQ @littlenewthings

#dses initiative member.

A technology can come and go; but when a lifestyle is applied to it, it becomes a new revolution.

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