I AM IN! Testing... Testing... Testing 123 + a simple memory lane down SF4 Bangkok

27일 전

Am talking to @littlenewthings earlier this morning as she has been doing her testing since yesterday... I have no idea how to do it but just wish her GAMBATTE! LOL... And then she sent me here... LOL...

So here I am... testing for the first time...

Will I break it accidentally??? Purposely definitely not... but accidentally maybe or maybe not... LOL

One sad news though... Regarding the Steemfest 4 that just ended few days ago...

This morning I found out that I have lost all photos of the Conference Day 1 of Steemfest... (7th November)... I thought I have all of them uploaded to my Google Photos... I deleted them from my phone to make space for more photos... But I was so so so so so wrong... All photos from other days are there in the Google Photos... but none from the 7th... The only photos that I have now for the 7th are those that I have uploaded to my blog... All the photos of the hugs... the bowling night...

And well since @littlenewthings said this can be actually a real post... Then this will be the first post of my day today... I may or may not be posting a second one... Pretty much depend on whether I have time or not.

So here's a simple short journey down the memory lane of SF4 Bangkok... Never ending Steemfest Fever...

Thanks a lot to @waybeyondpadthai for your hospitality... Thanks for having me at your place for my first night in Bangkok. You made me feel safe... Coz I was supposed to arrive the next morning together with @khimgoh and @kaerpediem... But then... uhm... I was a day earlier... LOL...

Here's a little gift from me to her...

And here's our wefies...

And since I am in memory lane now... I am super missing this!!!!! This grilled pork is one of @waybeyondpadthai's favourite too! It's near her @thirstea too!!! I had 20 of these all by myself... Ya... And I am HUNGRY now looking at this...

OK... I know I have to get back to work now... Please forgive me now... I really have to go... I weren't even suppose to be here right now at this time... don't let my boss know I am here now...


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You know... I couldn't find the roast pork skewers as good as these!
They are usually sausage style and I didn't really want to have another sausage. If I do, I might as well just buy it from the 7-eleven and then checkin and ship home haha.

(I did that in Amsterdam)

So sad I didn't get to see @waybeyondpadthai 's boba tea shop. Hope there's another chance!

This time, I am more prepared! With water taxi and grab!


The pork skewer and the sausage is different... and you shipped sausage home from 7-eleven fron Amsterdam... lol... I bought ham from Krakow last year... but I hand carried it...

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Thanks for your 101.27SP to team-cn ! Your post has earned 8% team-cn upvotes!

Wow, sorry you lost all those pictures, I've totally done that before. But, am glad you retain the memories! Wished I could have been there, but ya know, life LOL Next year! Much love!


Memories burnt into me forever... The feelings will always be with me forever... I do miss you this year... Ya... Looking forward to hanging it with you in the future Steemfest... ❤

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OMG! I feel so bad for you! Hugs! I know the feeling. I lost 500 pictures 2 summers ago of thins that could never be replaced. But you will have that experience in your memory forever.
20 grilled pork on a stick?!?! You sure do love them. LOL!


OMG... Losing 500 pictures... I can feel the pain. But then the memories and feelings will always be with us till time ends.
It's not a big portion. One stick has some grilled pork on it. It's like skewer.

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Oh no! Let me see if i have any of you and send to you


Thank you!

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You really lost them? There are programs who can find them back unless they were deleted by a computer. Or did you lose the camera? I guess there are plenty of people who can give you some photos. You were not the only one there. Happy day. 💕

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I deleted them from my phone to free up some space for new photos and videos. I thought I have synced all photos and videos to my Google Photos. But all photos taken on the 7th is not there.

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@elizacheng Oh that is bad luck 🙁 I hope someone can help you out. Happy Saturday. 💕