My favorite pets.

4개월 전

Hello friends, I present to you my favorite pets:

He is a Talking Parrot, we call him "Mateo", we liked that name because the name instills character, we received him at home as a puppy, we saw him grow up is beautiful.

Parrots are social birds, sharing with them is required.

You should know that it is not necessary to bathe a parrot, just put the bath in a cage, and when the bird wants it, it will.

You should also learn how to cut the claws of your feathers.

The cage must be spacious for the parrot to fly in, that way its wings will work well, and the parrot will feel comfortable with you. If you meet these conditions, insurance will not happen like me.

We used to take him out to the patio, and my daughter played with him, until one day he flew and did not return, it is very sad, we lost Mateo, I managed to escape, although I knew that at the end of the story he needed to find his free world .

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