What If We Quarantine Humanity in Half of the World and Leave Half To Itself?

6개월 전

In light of the recent mass demonstrations all over the world right now, and due to the pandemic + quarantine, this thought came to me. Can you imagine a world where humans are quarantined to (or live in) just half of the Earth and half devoid of humans? Do you think such a thing would even be possible?

Would such a world even last long enough for future generations to marvel at the "outside world"?

You know how humans are - always curious and fascinated by many things. We're forever wanting to have more of the things we see especially when it affects us positively. So, do you think leaving half of the world alone would last longer than a decade?

I mean if we stay in just one side of the planet and leave the rest to itself, we'd definitely be always looking at the world outside. That "forbidden place" would be irresistible for adventurous people. Eventually people would fight their way back "out there" again. You know, like Adam and Eve, except "paradise" would be outside where you live.

If it does not last more than a decade or so, should we make it a seasonal thing?

Well, if in case total isolation of half of the planet is not possible for long term, is it better to live in half of the world and then go back to the other half after a certain time? Sounds like a better option or no? Would it be more of a hassle? Like having to clear up shrubbery and fix up the broken things while we were gone? Would everyone be able to have two homes in two parts of the world?

This all sounds so fantastic and science-fictiony but can you imagine what would happen?

Yes, can you? Would you like to live in such a world? Would you even propose it too? Instead of leaving the Earth and going to other planets, wouldn't you rather we "save" the only place we live in?

What do you think?


P. S. Perhaps someone can make a movie or book out of this. I even tagged Neil Gaiman. I dunno he's the only author I could think of. Haha. I also submitted this idea to the video makers of What.If. Let's see if they can make a video out of it. 😁


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I'm among those who think and hope to save this old planet instead of spending millions of dollars to find another one in which an elite people can live.
Of course it's unthinkable to live in quarantine again we are social beings we need to interact with the world around us. But I firmly believe that we can change the course of events and learn to live with zero impact by transforming our production and economic systems into eco-sustainable systems, reducing Co2 emissions as much as possible. I know it is a utopia and we are going towards a drastic future where the mass of people the poorest but also the one that up to now manages to survive in consumer societies will pay the highest price.🤞


Yes. It is better to work towards saving our planet than go about spending millions and such just to find other habitable planets. Lots of people are just lazy maybe. The rich can help change the world if only they think better and not focus on greed.