Amazing Nature Contest - January 2020 - #03


My amazing Nature was this autumn! The weather was very good in the fall, little storm and rain so the autum leaves were hanging for a long time and of the calm weather there where a lot of foggy mornings! Like the morning when i took these pictures in the woods of the Utrechtse Heuvelrug national park in the Netherlands.




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Wow, those light in these picture is absolutely beautiful and you captured it really good ^^ It must have been an magical walk through that national park. By the way, as I live not to far away from Utrecht this link you posted makes is a very exiting one for me, hehe !!


Haha nice, the first and the last picture are taken on the Lage Vuursche and the middle picture is in the Baarnse bos! Very close together and you can walk trough them if you go on the NS walks, do you know that?


I don not know .. thank you for more information on it ^^ .. I already think of a visit there in the near future ;)

How absolutely magical, @haastrecht. Beautifully captured 💚


Thank you so much :)

Very nice and voted for in the competition, I found you in the special room for the #amazingnature contest by @adalger in our Discord Steemterminal. Good luck and thanks for sharing. Have a great day!

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Nice pictures!! 👍

Have a nice day!

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Thank you so much, i just entered on discord :)

Congratulations on your well deserved winning entry in the Amazing Natrue Contest! @haastrecht

Remarkable photographs! The illuminated walk through the forest look magical!🌲🌿☀️🌳🍃