Hiking around Salgótarján - The artifical "volcano", the source-area of river Zagyva and the destination: Salgóbánya

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Continuing my story started yesterday, I climbed off the Pécskő rock, after taking some panorama photos. Up on the cliff top it was very warm, plus there were unbearably many flies around me. I still admired the first messenger of autumn, the red rose hips, and then moved on to my next destination.


I also said goodbye to the perpendicular rock walls. The image does not at all give back the look and feel of monumental dimensions.


A special feature of the area is that the sedimentary sandstone alternates with the volcanic rock. Not far from Pécskő, this sight was received:


The vertical sandstone wall was shaped by rain and other natural forces.


The forest was not dense everywhere. Flowers bloomed in sunny places.



I originally planned to go home, but then I saw the slag mountain mentioned yesterday, where I had never been before.
Well, it's too bizarre!

The mountain has been existing for 80 years. If the wind picks up the fine dust, which contains heavy metals, it is still dangerous to the health of its inhabitants. There were once three mountains, this one is the last left. The rest was completely overgrown with vegetation. Now, for once, I’m happy with invasive plants.

In just 10 minutes I reached the village, Zagyvarona. I could have gone home by bus from here, but I decided to go even further. I didn’t know what the next stage would be like. I walked from Zagyvaróna to Zagyvafő, at the edge of which the source region of the river Zagyva begins. It is the longest river flowing into and within the borders of Hungary. It flows into the Tisza at Szolnok.

This section of the road was the most difficult, with muddy wild beats in many places, slippery rocks, steep ascents, and plenty of mosquitoes. Due to very poor lighting conditions, only a few photos were taken.



My GPS connection was lost, so I only went based on my feelings. Actually, the "internal GPS" as intuition or inner sight needs to be improved so there is no need for a navigation device anymore.
Arriving at the source, I filled my bottle with fresh water. I was a little disappointed in it because it tasted iron.

Just a few minutes away from the source, I saw the well-known Hotel Medves. It was, of course, closed, like almost everything in Salgóbánya. Only the pub was open at the bus station.

Before I took the next bus, I took one last photo of my grandparents’ house, which is now empty.

To be continued!

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