It’s That Time My Friends - My Last Post

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It has been a fabulous journey being apart of this Steem community for the last 4 years (I know technically it hasn't been four years yet until July but hey it's around the corner)! I can proudly say I am a veteran of this blockchain, being here since the beginning and going strong since then. I have dedicated the last 4 years contributing what I could and how I could doing my part in making people feel at home here. I have invited family and friends along the way to join in on the fun as well. I have made so many friends whom I contact outside of Steem and also people I barter for business with. I have ABSOLUTELY no regrets of being apart of this epic foundation because I have gained so much from it. It's because of my blogging on Steemit that I have a new found love of being a content creator. I learned how to blog being apart of this blockchain. I have become a better photographer, gained many valuable insights and resources as a homeschooling parent, learned how to lead a community and work with others in leading a community (NeedleWorkMonday, Steemitmamas and HomeEdders). It has been quite enriching for my life.

Before joining I was never involved with any other social media platforms other than Facebook. I had no idea that being apart of this would fulfill so many things for me. I am more confident in the things I can do because of you all. The love, feedback, appreciation, support and excitement that was shown to me in response to my content and leadership will travel for miles and miles beyond this point. I am truly grateful for all of these things gained while being here.

Even before all of the recent disappointing events had taken place, I was already struggling with knowing it was time for me to depart. Those of you who are familiar with me know that I have a large young family with children ages 1, 3, 6, 8 and 9. I have had several people ask me this question:

How in the world do you have time to blog?

My response was always

I make time because I love it so much!

It's true! I would literally work overtime to get everything done from school, cooking, washing and everything else in between so I could have time to Steem It (I wrote it that way on purpose lol)! Sometimes that involved me missing hours of sleep to get my next post in or waking up before my kids to make sure the curation posts were done. Many times I didn't have time to write my own posts because I cared more about building the communities I was involved with and making sure our
members were shown love and supported properly.

I have made the decision to leave the Steem community. This decision is what is best for my health and for my entire family. There is so much going on right now and me stretching myself too thin to do it all has taken it's toll. I'm just simply tired and need to better care for myself in order to take proper care of my family. This may not be bye forever but it surely is bye for now. It is bitter sweet because I am so sad to be leaving but at the same time it will bring relief and open up more time for me to take care of priorities.


To the @NeedleWorkMonday Community:

Thank you for joining me in sharing your creative work on Monday's and throughout the week. It has been a pleasure leading this community, creating challenges and finding ways to reward your hard work. I've had the privilege of watching your blogs grow and become better and better as you shared the process of your work with engaging photos. I wanted the NeedleWorkMonday community to be an appealing yet comfortable place where people can come to learn a new skill, get encouraged to pick back up an old skill and to engage with like-minded people. I believe this was accomplished seeing that we have become the go to community for all things needlework and many have stated they feel this is their home. Several Steemians have recommended and promoted this community, mostly those who do not even do needlework. That in itself speaks loud! We went from being unknown to having curators and curation groups visit us EVERY Monday. Some of our members went from getting a few cents to nice size payout amounts on their posts. We have people and groups like @canadian-coconut, @appreciator, @curangel, @trafalgar, @therising, @smartsteem, @therealwolf, @ocd, @ocdb, @blocktrades, @tarazkp, @azircon, @tombstone, @gtg, @schlees, @minnowbooster, @curie, @shaka, @pharesim, @redpalestino, @suonghuynh, @smartvote, @neoxian, @redes, @kevinwong, @raindrop, @mariusfebruary, @c-squared and many others that have offered their support to thank!

My time here was more fun and enjoyable being able to share with you all. Needlework is my number one favorite thing to do and having a special place to share it was incredible. I am leaving you in good hands with administrators @muscara, @marblely and @shanibeer. I will be staying in contact with them through discord for the time being making sure they have the tools and resources they need to move forward without me. If you haven't yet read and upvoted Giving Flowers - @shanibeer, @muscara and @marblely I ask you to please do so. These ladies have done so well in helping me manage the community and the entire post payout will be split evenly between them. I have no doubt they will together do an amazing job keeping this awesome needlework Community going strong! I will truly miss each and every one of you along with your amazing needlework skills ~ ❤️

To the @Steemitmamas Community:

I learned the most about crypto being apart of this mama community. I learned so much from @metzli, @khimgoh and @mumma-monza about investing. They hyped up my interest in becoming more in tune with it all. I will always appreciate the love and support I received from all of you lovely mamas. It was comforting being able to share our experiences, fears, victories and failures as moms and then come together to encourage one another. I could always vent and express my feelings here without feeling judged and ask questions without feeling ridiculous. Us mamas just get each other.

I really loved working with the leaders of this community and I hope you will continue to support, uplift and encourage one another, it is very much needed. Much love here ~ 💓

To the @HomeEdders Community:

My time with this community was so short lived because it's still fairly new. Although home educators have been posting for some time now this is the first we have all joined together in one community. We thank @minismallholding for that :) She decided to start this community so that we can share our experiences, tools, resources and to support each other. It's very encouraging reading about others who are like-minded and have gone through similar things. Thank you @minismallholding for allowing me to help moderate the discord channel and come alongside you as an administrator for a short time. I am sure this community will continue to grow and flourish and more home educators will be open to share on the topics you post. Thank you for all of your support and feedback on my homeschooling posts. I wish I had time to connect with more of you, maybe sometime in the future :)

To the @NaturalMedicine Community:

I didn’t have a leadership position in this community but couldn’t leave without saying a few words about it. Thank you @riverflows for your endless dedication to this group of people. You and your leaders work overtime building and improving how this community is ran and pushing to reward your members more.

I enjoyed my time writing natural medicine pieces and I am forever grateful for the support and love that was always offered me. This is truly an awesome community and it was a privilege being able to share amongst you. I am also grateful for the boatloads of health information I have learned and can apply to my own personal life and family. 💚


I'm not going to talk about my opinions on the recent events because you have already read plenty of those. However, I will say that these last weeks have been very emotional and heart breaking. I know it has been an emotional time for everyone but I just ask that you think before you speak/type. Slandering fellow community members because their opinions may differ from yours is not okay. Everyone has the right to express their opinion and in times like this people are just trying to reach out to vent and let their feelings ring free. The best thing to do is be gentle, patient and willing to listen because everyone is going through the same thing as a community. Cursing at someone will not bring change only more frustration and division.

I hope that in due time everything gets worked out and the community can get back to it's regular programming...blogging about the things they love. On the upside it was quite amazing seeing the community come together as one voice to save what we love. I am glad I was still around to witness such a gathering. It is true we are stronger in numbers and change is possible when we all work together. No one knows what the final end result will be but I hope if I am able to come back...there will be something amazing to come back to :)

Keep believing, keep achieving and keep supporting one another no matter what!

Well I will excuse myself to go and clean my face because it is a mess. Wow, didn’t imagine it would be this hard to say goodbye.

If you would like to keep in touch with me please DM me in Discord and we can go from there :)

I plan on making more beginner crochet tutorials on YouTube one day, you can Subscribe to my channel to keep in touch too ~

Love always,
@crosheille 🤎


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😢 💔

It's been a rollercoaster these last few weeks, bound to be the straw that breaks the camels back. All so much sadder because things were really happening up until that point, all community driven. It felt like we were making progress.

Will definitely be DMing you. This has got to be one of the hardest goodbyes!


It really has been a roller coaster of emotions and events. Thanks for reaching out to me! 😘

The Steem Community, and all the sub-communities that you have been involved with, have been so blessed to have your input and involvement. You have been a real bright spot during my time here, and you will be very much missed.

But we all have different stages of our lives, and things change, so I understand that you need to move on. But perhaps you will come back one day.


Awww Linda! Thank you sooo much. I am honored that you feel that way. It means tons to me, thank you for sharing that.

I hope you know how crucial of a role you played on me being here for so long. Your continued support and encouragement kept me going and because of that I was able to stick around and connect with many.

Thank you for everything, I am forever grateful to you.

My hope is that I will be able to join you all again :)


@crosheille I could not be sadder to see you go... you were an absolute shining light here. I hope you at least drop in once a month just to say hi. I know EXACTLY where you are at babe. I TOTALLY get it. Xx So close myself. Xxx


Wow, that means a lot coming from you @riverflows, thank you! I will definitely make some pop ins to see how everyone is doing.

I will always be amazed by all the things you do. If anyone knows where I’m coming from it surely is you ~ 💓

I’m so glad you were able to get away for awhile.

You will be missed. I hope you find the health, peace, and balance that you are looking for.


Thank you so much. I will miss reading about your beautiful family. May the good Lord continue to bless you all ~

I have not interacted with you much but have read many of your posts over the past couple of years. You will be sorely missed by many in the community. I do understand. Family is most important as well as one's health.

My wish is that you have good fortune in the future. I send you and your loved ones blessings and groovy vibes today and every day!


I treasure this comment and only wish we could have interacted more. For us to not have had much interaction and for you to reply in this way is very treasuring.

Thank you for your support and for reading my content. Thank you for the warm wishes and may many blessings flow your way as well :)

Am gonna miss your post on needleworkmonday @crosheille
I recall one of first few post was about my knitting .. and that was almost 2 years ago. But I can understand what you mean about not having enough time for yourself.

Take care and who knows we might meet again somewhere out there


Hey @ireenchew, thank you ~ ☺️

Right who knows! 😉

You take care too.

We will miss you on here but we all have to do what is best for ourselves


Absolutely we do! Thank you for stopping by and commenting. I will miss you all here as well ~

Wishing you all the best. Let's not say good-bye but, instead, say see you later!


Thank you kindly :)

Lol that sounds like a plan!

Hope you come back once thing settle.

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Thank you @ironshield. I hope I am able to as well :)

Oh no ... I definitely miss you on every Monday crosheille. Without being a member of Needlework Monday community, I wouldn’t be able to continue posting on Steemit. I enjoy reading contents on Steemit mamas too.
I respect your decision. I look forward to meeting you again somewhere on the internet or the real world 😊

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I will miss being around here especially on Monday’s :(

I will miss keeping up with all of your fun diy sustainable projects and beautiful knit work. I hope to join you all again one day. It would be awesome if we could meet in the real world :)

Thanks for everything and for always participating and being apart of the needleworkmonday gang ~

Take care 💜

Very sorry to read this @crosheille! 😞

"I have made the decision to leave the Steem community. This decision is what is best for my health and for my entire family. There is so much going on right now and me stretching myself too thin to do it all has taken it's toll. I'm just simply tired and need to better care for myself in order to take proper care of my family."

But ... You certainly have your priorities in the right place, however, so no one (at least no one you should pay any attention to ...) should be providing anything other than words of encouragement.

Your post touches on what I have long considered the bane of my existence "in here" - the seemingly insatiable time commitment. Leading to what I privately think of as my "love / hate relationship" with engaging "in here." Leading further, if in response we attempt some sort of "part-time" balance, to a "penalty" imposed by how the Steem blockchain "rewards" us for our efforts. I won't say more, as I have written enough about it in various ways ...

Well, thank you for the privilege of getting to know you, if only for a short time. Perhaps, in the future (if anything survives the nasty mess the failure to lead with trust has placed the Steem blockchain in ...), you will have a bit of time to devote to another post and / or comment. Here and there.

I, for one, would enjoy reading them. God bless and keep you and yours!


I am definitely going to miss reading your posts and comments. Thank you for the encouragement.

I understand that love/hate aspect as I have struggled with it for awhile now. I can get so involved and lost here that my home life suffers. I’ve tried balancing it out, even minimized how many times I post a week. My problem is that when I’m in I go fully in and give my all. I’m not sure how to give less. That’s my strength but at the same time a weakness that has caused me to have to make such a decision.

I’ve enjoyed the short time we were able to interact and I am so glad to have found another Christ centered member of the community. Many blessings to you and your family and I hope that someday down the road we will be able to encourage one another again ~

Take good care :)

Sad news.... well hope all get better at home, really you are amazing I have one kid and some days I have no time to take a shower...
I will missed your always sweet comments on my #needleworkmonday post...
Thank you for everything


I is really sad news that I wish I didn’t have to share. Awww thank you for that. Lol, half the time I don’t know if I’m coming or going. There’s never a dull
moment in our home.

This was truly an amazing journey here and I am so glad to have met you along the way. Keep doing those upcycle projects, they are quite impressive. I’ll miss commenting on your posts ~ 😘

Goodbye for now, take care. 🧡


I hope you get this... I don't use discord that often because my internet connection, but you can find me on instagram @ideasvital @tahiairibarren my mom @fabiolarte(all instagram) should be my honor if you can fallow those accounts
Kisses and hugs!


Thank you so much for this information @tahiaarq. However, I am not on Instagram. I’m really not on any other social media sites other than Twitter and I only joined that for #posh and contests for Steem lol. I will definitely just check back in ever so often to see how everyone is doing and what you’ve been working on. No worries I won’t become a stranger!


Oh my! I have just posted my needlework monday when I saw this message @crosheille! My heart is filled with warmth for you. It's been something worthwhile having you here my dear. I guess I need to. Change the title of my post to the other three? I've read that @shanibeer is also going somewhere but I haven't finished reading it yet. Before I go, let me thank you from the bottom of my heart. Take care.


Thank you @sarimanok! All of my time spent here and building this community has been a pleasure and worth my time. No need to make any changes...although I will be stepping away for a time I do plan on returning to join you all again. I appreciate you acknowledging in your posts that I initiated needleworkmonday ;)

@shanibeer was informing everyone that she will continue her involvement with the community over on Hive (the new blockchain that was created for the Steem community...although it’s totally separate from I too will be there once I return. The NeedleWorkMonday Community has also moved to the Hive community.

Please see comment left on your latest needlework post from @needleworkmonday.

Take care ~ 🧡

Thank you so much @croseille you’re an inspiration.
Much love 🌊🌙


It’s been a pleasure @oceanmoon. I’m sure we’ll meet and share again :)

Thank you for staying in touch with needleworkmonday and coming back to share from time to time. It’s been fun getting to know you over the years.

Take care ~ 😊


You will be truly missed. Take care of that beautiful family 💗


Thank you, I will ~ ☺️

Bye for now! And thanks for the kind words. I'm sure you keep good care of your keys. Make it a great time! @tipu curate


Thank you @andrepol! Yes, will definitely take good care of my keys ;)

Thanks so much for the curating!

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Thank you!!! 😊

Dear friend was a loss for the platform. One of the early bird ladies of steem is leaving is. I understand why, life and family is always the most important. I want to ask to keep the account and maybe when the future allows it come back. I wish you all the best and I don’t say goodbye


Thanks for your support. I know, I’ve been around here so long it’s going to be so strange not being apart of it. Steem has become imbedded in me, it’s hard stepping away.

I will definitely keep my account and stay vested in Steem. I am still hoping to see it moon one day.

Until we meet again my friend, stay blessed, stay amazing and take good care~ 😘


aww sorry to read this but happy if it means more time for you with your family IRL. Thanks for everything you have done on here. Have fun with your fam!

P.S. I would throw @c-squared into the curation groups that have always supported #needleworkmonday


Thank you so much I really appreciate your comment! I hope to connect with everyone again down the road sometime :)

Yes, oh yes I can’t believe I forgot to mention @c-squared! Thank you so much for the reminder! We definitely appreciate all of their support! ✅

I can feel you. I have been there and decided to limit my activity since.
But you are always welcome here and you can occationally show up. That would be nice.
Stay well. :)


It’s a struggle but we know and have a sense of when it’s time to take some time away or step back a little. Glad you were able to do the same when needed.

Thank you so much for saying that, that means a lot. I won’t become a stranger. I’ll definitely pop in to check up on everyone and everything from time to time. Thanks again for your sweet response.

Take care ~ 😊

Thank you for all your contribution and love to the community @crosheille. I think there many times that I would have given up without you. Thank you for always persisting and being there when I needed encouragement. (That's for me personally) As for the community, it would not be the place it is now without you. Hugs!


You are very welcome. It’s been such a pleasure being apart of the community and working to make it better.

Thank you so much for those sweet words. You and I were holding each other up in times of doubt, you too have me pushed to keep moving. I’m truly going to miss you lady ~


Steem, IT (written like that on purpose lol) has lost a great community member.

It will not be the same without you.

Thank you for your love and encouragement. You are a great person to be around.


Awww @metzli thank you. I really appreciate you and all of your amazing ideas and smart moves you always share with us. I’m going to miss being apart of it all. Stay encouraged and take care of yourself. I’ll sneak back on Discord to see pictures of that new beautiful baby that’s on the way. 😉

That is such sad news but I can understand that real life is more important - wish you all the luck you need and lots of love :)


Yes, it is definitely more important :)

Thank you ~

I completely understand, it can be so time consuming, But I will miss you around here, you have been such a positive force on the platform and you really have touched so many lives on here .Sending you lots of love ad I really hope that you keep in touch and come drop by every now and again, you rock Super Mama xxxxx


Hey beautiful mama! Thank you so much for your kind words. I will definitely miss you and your wonderful writing contributions to the community. You are a wonderful soul and I’m glad we were able to connect.

I won’t become a stranger. I’ll pop in to check on you all and give an update from time to time ~

Take care of you and those beautiful growing children. 💛

Your last post 🥺I’m here waiting for you come back 🌹🌹

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Lol I know. Sorry we only had the chance to connect a little. Thank you for the follow. I look forward to getting to know you better sometime in the future. Take care and please keep posting your work with the NeedleWorkMonday Community ~ 😊


Sure 🙏I will ✌️✌️

Although we haven't gotten to know each other here, I wish you and your family the best! You'll feel great spending more time IRL, and we will welcome you back whenever you decide it's time to make a grand re-entrance. Take care, @crosheille :-)


Thank you so much @enternamehere. I am looking forward to spending more time with my family and having the energy to do it :)

I hope I will be able to return one day rejuvenated and full of ideas. You take care as well ~

That must have been a very hard decision to leave something you love but I'm happy you came to the realization that it wasn't worth jeopardizing your health! Wishing you all the best and I do hope you get the chance to come back for you played an intrical part in so many places and what ever you are able to share I'm sure will be gladly recieved! Take care and here's to a healthy, happy life!


Thank you @porters! I appreciate you stopping by to leave such a warming and lovely response.

I am really looking forward to getting more sleep and time with my family. It was quite a tough decision but definitely an important one I needed to make. You’ll see me again ~ 😉

Take care!

que lamentable noticia, de verdad espero que te vaya bien en esta nueva etapa de tu vida, definitivamente la saud es primordial para poder atender a la familia, a mi me ocurre lo mismo. Dios te bendiga y bendiga a todos tus hijos, tu hogar. te esperamos cuando quieras regresar, muchas gracias por todo tu apoyo.


Muchas gracias preciosa amiga. Fue una decisión muy difícil ya que no quería dejarlos a todos. Sí, tengo que estar sano para cuidar adecuadamente a mi familia y enseñar a mis hijos a diario. Esto no será lo último que verás de mí. Algún día espero volver descansado y renovado y listo para apoyar y compartir nuevamente con la comunidad. Estoy seguro de que tendré que ponerme al día cuando eso suceda. Tenga cuidado y siga compartiendo su hermosa creatividad con la comunidad NeedleWorkMonday. ❤️

Best of luck in all your endeavors! ♥♥
And stay safe and healthy in these crazy times! :D


Thank you so much! May you and yours stay safe and healthy as well ~ 💓🤗

So sad to see you go but I just know you will keep those keys safe!


I really appreciate that, thank you for stopping by and leaving your comment. Yes, my keys are secured ;)