NeedleWorkMonday - This is Why!

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Yea, I’m stubborn. I told you this week I would tell you why I haven’t posted for #NeedleWorkMonday in awhile...and that’s why.

This beautiful lace yarn has been tangled for about a month now. My dreams and aspirations of making my first knitted lace scarf have been ruined. This yarn has betrayed me and become a tangled confusion that I no longer love. I’m heart broken, torn, disappointed and on a knitting strike. That’s right, until I knit a lace scarf I am no longer knitting. 😖 I warned you I was stubborn.

It literally takes me an hour just to get a little bit detangled. The crazy part is the more I work on it the more tangled it becomes...


I have started working on another crochet project I’ll be sharing soon. I was really enjoying knitting but I am so determined to complete a scarf first . You know how it is, when you’re excited about your plans and want to see them through. That’s my dilemma right now. What started out as a beautiful relationship between yarn and needleworker has turned into this...



So today I am taking a poll because I need your help #NeedleWorkMonday Community!

Here are the options:

1) I remain patient taking my time to unwind and detangle the yarn even though it may take 2 years to finish...


2) Cut and separate what I already have detangled and make multiple balls. Adding in a new yarn while knitting isn’t that hard is it? I LOVE sewing in ends 😒...


3) Toss it into the unreturnable dark abyss where it will join it’s forgotten relatives in my bag of tangled yarn scraps, never to be found again. Or the trash could be another option...



Which number should I choose? Please cast your vote down below! While I’m waiting I’ll just sit here with my tangled betrayer hoping it doesn’t strike back and attack me for the things I said. 😬


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Thank you! Don’t forget to cast your vote below!!! 😘

All photos are my own and were taken with our Cannon EOS Rebel T6.


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I have another possible solution :)

On Ravelry, there are groups for everything yarn-related (you don't have a Ravelry account? I'm shocked! Truly shocked!). One of these groups is "Knot a problem" - cute name, isn't it? And the members of this group are people that love to untangle messes like your lace yarn. And they have a list of people willing to help others...

Keep calm and have a !BEER


Lol yes, I have an account but...I normally use Pinterest for browsing needlework and patterns. 🤭 I guess I’ve been missing out on the benefits.

You are my hero! Thank you so much for this valuable information. I will be looking into this ASAP! 🤩🤞🏽🤗


Yes yes !!!! I read of them in a knitting magazine. Unbelievable but there seem to be people who love to detangle yarn. The article stated it is possible to send them the yarn and they untangle it. I am not sure where I read it but this post seems to talk about the same group
Perhaps they are now organised in „knot a problem“ group @muscara mentioned (I must! Check this out... I hate to untangle yarn)
But although this lace yarn gives you so much problems, it is a lovely prop on a photo: I love this!!! You look so sad and cute at the same time.


Wow I read this article. It is truly unbelievable that people love tangles. They make me sad and miserable because it holds me back from creating :( I will definitely be checking out this group and looking to see if I can possibly get some help, I’m willing to pay!! 💰😅

Lol thank you! I missed being in front of the camera expressing my despair in a fun way. You have given me much inspiration for that. 😘☺️


Yeahhhh I am good in desperation photos :-DDD And I love seeing you back on the photos. I hope you will find a solution for the lace yarn, I already loose patience if the headphone cables tangle while running... tangles are so 💩
Do you have a patten for the lace? I am not sure if you mentioned it and I simply forgot?


Haha thanks! I hope so too. I really love(d) this yarn. ☺️

Yes this is the scarf I want to make...


The scarf looks amazing and I think the pattern resembles the pattern on the fron of my lilac waves sweater. This pattern was easier than I thought (I was a bit intimidated at first) I hope you will start this project soon...


I thought it looked quite amazing too! I figured I could give it a try now that I’m acquainted with basic knit and purl stitch.

If I do make this I will definitely share it with you all when I return again ;)


Brilliant idea!

Thanks for sharing your creative and inspirational post!

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Back in the day when my wife was i crafts I was often helping her to untangle yarn, normally when we were watching a movie or something I I would probably got for 1 first and if that fails then 3 LOL


Haaaaa! That’s so funny! Thanks for taking the poll! That made me laugh, that was already one of my thoughts.

How frustrating!
Though I wouldn't recommend it, I enjoy unravelling yarn. I find it quite peaceful and soothing, one of those jobs that you just allow it's own sweet way. You don't have to make any decisions, just gently open the knots as you reach them and untangle each one. It's a job I might do when I'm not very well and not up to anything that requires lots of concentration. I like the sense of accomplishment :)
Hope you sort it, or put it away until you are ready to sort it.
I definitely don't recommend the cutting option! Imagine if you applied that to hair!


Oh @shanibeer I wish I could enjoy it like you and see it as relaxing. It started out that way until I noticed it got worse and worse. I think it has a lot to do with me being on this knitting high and then this happens.

Is it hard adding in a new strand of yarn when knitting? I really don’t want to cut it at all but if I can’t get help it may be an option. 😬🤭 That’s how over this I am lol! I just want to have fun with my new yarn. 😫

What happened!? How did you manage to tangle it up so much!?
Personally I'm a detangler. I really don't mind doing it and usually get there eventually. If it's REALLY bad, then I'll stop and snip the ball from the tangle, but try for as long as I can.

@tipu curate


It was awful @minismallholding. My husband surprised me and purchased this beautiful hank of lace yarn. It was my first ever as I always buy yarn already rolled into a skein or ball at the local store. I had no idea there was a special way to unravel it. I watched a video on how to find the ends but not on the rest of the process, I sure wish I did before it got in this mess. It started out smoothly but as I was going I started to realize I was getting it tangled. 🥺

I was on this knitting high (learning how to knit) and had plans on this being my first knitting project...a lace scarf.

I have lost patience along the way and almost tossed it and said I’ll just buy another one. Thank goodness I know now to have them wind it into a ball for me when I purchase it. I had no idea that was an option until @muacara told me.

Thanks so much for the curating ~


Oh no! I remember in handwork lessons at school we used to have to wind hanks into balls. It was a two person job. One would hold the hank around their hands and the other would wind. I never thought about the implications of trying to do it alone before.

Always a pleasure to curate. One of my favourite things.😁


😲😲😲 A two person job? I wish I would have known that. 😧

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Option 2 is what I do when I have a real mess--if the yarn is truly beautiful or expensive. Lesser yarn would get trashed. Good luck.

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Yes, it wouldn’t be as bad if this yarn wasn’t so gorgeous and costly. It’d be such a waste if I tossed it, I’m trying not to go there lol.

Thanks for the vote!

I totally feeeeeeeel you!!! I have a couple tangled yarns too that I have not touched for yearssssssss! Hahah. But I made a googlyeye for one last year or 2 years ago.
I choose 1. I like that you already have a ball wind up as you detangle. I find it easier to detangle when you know where the end or beginning is, where you can maneuver it in and out and up and down to move through the tangles and the loops and all. Do a little everyday, like a jigsaw puzzle, 1 tangle at a time maybe and you should be done in no time!
If it is too rough, then do 2. You can start working on your lace scarf to get back into the zen mode whenever you feel like scratching your yarn off. As you work the scarf, you may be motivated to continue to detangle :) (oh gosh, I should be telling myself that! :D)
Or do it as a family activity / game - STEM - inculcate patience in kids :D . Every person is given 3 minutes to detangle. Once 3 minutes is up, another person tries. The one who last the most number of 3 minutes - wins :D This is sort of engineering hehe.

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As others have stated, work on untangling when sitting around with nothing otherwise occupying your hands. And/or get the help of someone who is in need of something to do.

If it helps to have it look like a less daunting challenge you could cut off the done stuff and continue from there.

Lol! I thought you had dyed your hair a lovely rainbow color from the first picture! :) I would probably chop it up and make smaller yarn balls, but that doesn't sound fun. I have a ball I was trying to untangle a while back. I just threw it into the box again since I never knit anyway. I forget now what I was going to use it for...or maybe just to get my stuff organized. I have been working on some projects. I need to jump on and do a few posts soon!


Lol! I don’t think I’d be that bold haha!

Thanks for your feedback.

Not sure if you’ve been keeping up with what’s going on but I have made my last post for Steem. Starting in April I will be stepping away for awhile. I hope to join again in the future over on the new HIVE chain.


Hi! I will check out your post. I haven't heard of Hive, so I'll check it out. I haven't made a post in a very long time and don't really have time. I hope that you guys are doing well. Things are crazy all over the world, but good thing homeschooling is now super popular. ;)


Hive is a new chain that was created for the Steem’s totally separate from though. Not sure if you were aware of the fork away from JS?

Yes, things are strange and crazy in the world right now. We are remaining safe and taking safety measures serious to protect our babies.

Yes homeschooling is quite popular now but I have a feeling as soon as things return to normal it will be looked down on again. 😏

Stay safe ~

I'd suggest #2. You can still make and create other designs that would fit to the condition of your thread. Multiple colors would be fun too. Not that I love doing it, because that's the worst scenario when you're in a hurry and your kitty just love to play with balls of thread!

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Thanks so much for your feedback and poll vote! I have some decisions to make.