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Wow, I am feeling really loved and appreciated right now. Thank you so much for this beautiful contribution @shanibeer. You know I’m crying again right? 😢😭

It has been such a pleasure leading and supporting this community. I always wished I had more pull “finances” to do even more for everyone. I used what I had and that was my love, passion and commitment to keep us rolling. Thank you for all of those sweet words about my leadership and friendship...that means a huge deal! I’m so glad you loved the flowers and thank you for sharing them again with me :)

I am so glad I decided to stick around behind the scenes until April. I’m excited to hear that the community that made Steem so worth while and exciting will live on through HIVE! I have no doubt that the three of you ladies will take care of the NeedleWorkMonday Community and continue the vision and environment that was started three years ago. We are a unique group of individuals and this initiative must live on.

I don’t know how long it will be before I can join you all again but just know I am already missing being with you all. I look forward to checking in down the road to see how things are going and how well this new chain will be thriving.

Much love to everyone! Thank you again for such a wonderful tribute and for also reassuring the community that NeedleWorkMonday will live on! I also appreciate the support and understanding that was shown to me about the decision I had to make.



I shed a few tears myself writing it 😍
Take care of yourself and your lovely family and we'll see you when we can.
Best wishes 😘


I will! You take care as well!! 💓💓💓

Thank you ~

God bless you 🌹🌹🙏🙏

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Good luck to her in her future endeavors.


Thank you very much. 😊


God speed.


Thank you ~ ☺️