STEEM VILLE CONTEST WEEK 3: Drop your funny picture and earn your self some steems

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This week 3 contest is only to put smile on steemians face, which is another good way of moving into the season of the year and also open a good space of bringing us together.

The Contest is so simple and funny. Just follow the rules given and earn your self some steem.


Drop on the comment section of this contest post your funny picture. We pick positions by the most funniest.

1.Join Steem Ville Community and must follow @steem.ville Curation trail 100%. Click here to learn how to do it, it's simple
2.The Contest is open for the entire steemit communities
3.Upvote and resteem this contest post
4.No Plagiarism. Drop your real photo
5.Drop your entry on the comment section of this contest below
6.All entries must be submitted from now till Wednesday (24:00Hrs CET)


Total of 10steems to be shared👇
1st Position- 4 steems
2nd Position 2 steems
3rd position- 1 steem
4th Position- 1 steem
5th Position- 1 steem
6th Position- 1 steem

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Greater Thanks to @disconnect



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My pleasure.. :)

Many successes for your contest!

Remember to qualify this contest, you must register and follow @steem.ville curation trail, being the No 1 rule. Thanks

Hello here;
Am glad that am here to participate in this contest and here is my entry.
I took a selfie with my friend today and really my pictures a funny . Thank you


I invite @nantaleesther to participate

This is my entry
I will love to invite my friends @inemesituwah



Sorry, you have posted this your entry before

A photo of me in my papito aliaa nteng-nteng mood🤣

I love using Snapchat so I discovered this amazing feature that transformed you entirely into papito as we use to call it.

Before living, I will love to invite @echamroland, @desireforku and @fannyuy to this amazing contest


Wow, this is amazing 😄😄😄


Hahahaha bro this is beautifull, I love papitos too..😂😂

@pato84 carrying his son on the head and holding his daughter in his alms
Though not included in the rules but I wish to invite @charis20, @dorcsaje and @ziongater to participate


Thanks for the invite

This is my own entry, my cousin sister and I catching fun.


I invite @jochris and @marmasworld to join this contest.

Hi friends, this is my own entry. I have successfully follow the community curation trail by setting it 100%.



Am inviting my friend @akpan to suscribe in this community and join the contest.

Nice contest😊. I think I will try this one because I love pictures a lot🤗.

If I may ask, is the funny picture a photo of you or any type of funny picture even if it's not your photo but which is taken by you as the photographer??


A photo of you

Hello, my entry is here
I took these yesterday on snapchat with a funny filter. It just makes me laugh whenever i see how my face and my friend's was made


I invite @shadia931 and @peace127 to take part.


Wooow nice post thank you dear for the invite


I can't stop laughing here oooooo. You really look funnier than the funniest @kyara2



This is my entry
I will love to invite my friends @inemesituwah


Hello steemians .
Thanks so much for the invitation @shadia931
This is my entery. Its was at the point of invitation today morning when i got up rashed to my phone and had my self in a selfie mood of a funny photo.😁. This is really an interesting context.

I love hearts. I took a head heart funny photo.went a head to have a fixed face and sharp lips just liKe a slay queen.🤣

I love smiling as below😂

I invite@peace127 to participate


That is @peace127. Remember, to qualify to this contest you must register and follow @steem.ville curation trail. Thanks

Nice one. I will send in my entry very soon

Good I I joined this wonderful contest.
Here is my entry 👇

My curation trail prove

My entry

Me and my friend Winnie have funny photo posses whenever we meet. Check this out.

Good evening all. This is my entry for the contest. I took this picture sometime last year during the holidays out of boredom while i was at home. I hope you find it funny.


I will also like to invite @emumike @favbay @idken to participate in this contest.

thank you

Hello guys @ikechuk this is my funny picture