(9/17) PNUT Opinion : The reason why halving of PNUT is important


This article is a personal opinion based on objective data. This is not a financial advice.

As halving of PNUT is repeated, the ratio of daily burning-distribution amount will be increased. This kind of mechanism will support PNUT’s token value as time goes by.

pic 1 : The real amount of PNUT circulation

① During 20AUG ~ 15SEP, The real amount of PNUT circulation now records around 90,000,000 PNUT after its steady growth.. ‘The real amount’ is the number has been deducted by the two addresses below it means effect circulation now.

  • TLmaTUuGmYjxkRmX1qn28HFFAM7tguGvXb (1st burning blackhole address),
  • TYYBkJxiRReJ2FEJXei9aWUGq9HNMtzgb8(don’t use SmartContract).

pic 2 : accumulated burning amount


② During 20AUG ~ 15SEP, 196,866 PNUT has been accumulated to burning account* on average and everyday 288,000 PNUT is distributed. This ratio, daily burning-distribution amount, is 63.36%(196,866 / 288,000 = 63.36%). Now around 16,000,000 PNUT has been accumulated after last 1st burning.

  • there are two ways of burning PNUT. #1 is by ‘paying PNUT, buying UPVOTE’, #2 is Repurchasing handed by peanut.comittee.

  • After 2nd halving, People’s tendencies of ‘paying PNUT buying UPVOTE’ will be decreased since daily earning amount of PNUT is decreased at the same time.

  • However when it comes to the amount of ‘Repurchasing’ doesn’t be affected by this, it is affected by Steem’s price and how much Steem Power is delegated. If we don’t take STEEM price(fluctuating) into account as consideration, after 2nd halving, Staked SP will increase because of the reasons followed: First, there is a individuals’ reward psychology accelerated by decreasing earning amount PNUT a day for individuals. Next, the PNUT’s The scarcity increases since the daily distribution of PNUT is halved. It suggests that amount of ‘Repurchasing’ will increase as halving is repeated in the future. After 2nd halving, I expect that 'the ratio of daily burning-distribution'(a) will be increased because of increasing of ‘Repurchasing’ amount.
    Repurchasing mechanism

pic 3 : PNUT circulation amount displayed on tronscan


pic 4 : The ratio of upcoming real circulation to The amount displayed on tronscan


③ During 20AUG ~ 15SEP, This is the ratio of upcoming real circulation(deducted by accumulation amount of burning***) to The amount displayed on tronscan(pic 3). As for 'pic 4', this declining graph shows if this percentage is low, that means PNUT goes rare, PNUT’s value goes up. Also, The slope will be more steeper as (a) increases.

*** TMLMSuyygN1fL5HpUt1oQp3RjvdEsHZffG

This kind of ‘Burning Mechanism’ will support more PNUT’s value as time goes by.


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