C-virus Diary - Hope Springs Eternal

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Self Isolation Day 8



March 10th 2020

I can't believe we have been self isolating for over a week now. I'll be honest it's not that much different from my usual life as a carer. Even so, I have gone through a period of adjustment. I've felt deprived, and even a touch institutionalised. Most of my life is spent online, still I value face to face interactions. Having a project like this has helped me maintain focus and has been a direction for my energies. Further, it may protect me from developing low self esteem .

I have in the past, when depressed, spent a lot of time vegetating in front of the television or playing computer games. Also, when I have been suffering from anxiety it is easier to stay at home and be online then it is to go out and actually interact! When this self isolation period is over (whenever than might be?) I will have to reintroduce myself to the world slowly in small steps.

Seeing as I didn't have much of an outside life as it was before this, not surprisingly, it has been the little things I have missed. A walk with my friend, being in nature, going for brunch. I don't miss doing the weekly shop, but I miss popping into the local greengrocers. As I am doing this with my partner I am spared the terrible loneliness that those living alone are challenged with. Perhaps my experience will teach me to value these experiences more highly.


Hope springs eternal in the human breast. Many think that both this C-virus and the economic meltdown it has precipitated will be over after Easter. Whilst I know that "this too will pass", (one of my personal mottoes), I think we should all appreciate that this crisis will be more severe and long lasting given its depth and scale. This is an adjustment we need to make.

We tend to a normalcy bias. That tomorrow will be just like today. I practice meditation and mindfulness. I know by focusing on our breath we can centre ourselves in the present. However, the underlying nature of our universe is one of change. We will never breathe in that same breath again. We have entered a time period of great change and volatility and we should expect events to move rapidly going forward.

When I was younger I was reckless. Now I am older I am more cautious. I think this is a natural progression in our lives. My assessment of where we are in our society is that, to use a cliché, we are in uncharted waters. It's probable next week may look nothing like this week. It sure doesn't for the people living in Italy right now.


In UK news - a senior surgeon from a hospital in Liverpool who did not self-isolate following a skiing trip to Northern Italy has the Coronavirus. Other members of staff are now showing symptoms. Meanwhile a nurse at Wythenshawe hospital where one patient died of the C-virus, has been ordered back to work despite telling bosses she had a sore throat and cough. Still, they've not tested her, so obviously she doesn't have the C-virus. If this is the response we are getting from professional health workers heaven help us!

Panic buying continues, the battle of the bog roll, as its being called. Anecdotal reports of people filling their garages with the stuff. Meanwhile food banks are running low of essentials. Jet2.com and Ryanair cancel all flights to Italy.

UK cases hit 373 with 6 dead. (Still time delayed).

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