In the first 20 minutes

21일 전

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In the first two minutes, Liverpool had chance to score but Mohammed Salah wasted the chance and in the first 20 minutes, Liverpool dominated but they didn't make use of their chances until Real Madrid get themselves back

In that kind of match, If liverpool had scored early, nothing should make them to do draw with Real Madrid because if they had scored at least a goal, Real Madrid would change their pattern which may be in advantage for Liverpool because Real Madrid won't get themselves

Tent-Alexander Anold still made the same mistake he made in the first leg, In fact he even did worst more than the first leg because he Overlapped and pass was able to reach Vinicius junior freely but Real Madrid too didn't make use of the chance and it's because they are weak due to the El-clasico they played with Barcelona

Real Madrid players has weak psychologically , their movements was not like the first leg movement, that El-clasico was not easy.

Real Madrid's defence line is not that strong but Thibaut Courtons saved Madrid from Liverpool, he died some shots and denied Mohammed Salah

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