Selfish game

22일 전


It is okay to have much players on bench, even out of bench like Pep Guardiola do. I wonder why he do that before but I found out reason; it wont affect the team

Just few of Bayern Munich players that were injured affect the team so much and it is because they didn't have many like Manchester City do. If Bayern Munich have 10 goals, Roberto Lewandowski would definitely have impact in 6 among the goals but was not around to save Bayern Munich

Upon how much Bayern Munich needed goals to qualify, those forwards still played selfish game in that match. Kingsley Coman and Lorent Sané played selfishly, there are scenes where Thomas Muller was free to collect pass but they didn't

The 7 and 11 played to score on their own glory, they didn't play to win for their club and it would definitely affect them both because it's Bayern Munich as a whole that is out of Champions League, not a player and I think they played like that because their is no one at bench that can replace them

PSG lost chances, Bayern Munich played selfish game. But the away goal rule save Paris Saint German

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