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It was a huge surprise for all football fans around the world when the news came out that Leo Messi the greatest player ever in Barcelona’s history was leaving the club after 21 years. It was officially announced that Leo Messi has agreed personal terms with Barcelona and will continue for the upcoming season after his previous contract ended months ago. We all expected Leo Messi to sign his new contract after winning his first ever major trophy for Argentina. After arriving in Barcelona from his holidays to sign his new contact; the shocking news came out that Leo Messi cannot continue to play for Barcelona due financial fair play by laliga.

The big question is, can Barcelona compete at high level? Today Barcelona begins the new journey without Messi with the game against Real Sociedada. Messi contributed more goals than any other player in the Barcelona squad with an average of 28 goals per season. How far can Barcelona go without Messi? Barcelona in recent times have depended on the master class of Leo Messi. Now that he’s not available what should we expect?


The Messi shadow has vanish. It’s now the time Barcelona to prove us wrong. Griezmann, Memphis and De jong and all the players will have to show some difference if they really want to win something this season. Barcelona prepares for their toughest season ever with Messi exit and their bad economic situation.
Who lead the post Messi ERA?
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