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Greetings everyone,

It is always fun and exciting to participate in any game of football either by watching or playing in it. But there are always certain memories that stick with us more than others. This is usually because of the way it makes us feel whenever we reflect on that moment. This contest is therefore an opportunity for us to travel down memory lane and bring out some of these fantastic.


Have you ever had a memory in relation to the game of football that has been stuck with you for a long time? It may be a backyard friendly soccer match, a football competition, a visit to the stadium to watch a football match or even an encounter on the football field you simply you simply can't forget. Share this memory you treasure dearly with us here in the world of football community and let us know how it all happened.


  • No plagiarism/copyright abuse.
  • Entry can be made in ANY language.
  • Entry should be made within this community.
  • Write NOT less than 300 words.
  • No form of plagiarism or copyright abuse.
  • Share on twitter/other social media such as Facebook.
  • Please use #footballcontest, our contest label for easy identification of entries.
  • Put the link to your entry in the comment below 👇
  • Be creative

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This particular edition will end on the 23rd April, 2020.

Thank You!

Many thanks for all your support

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Me encanta esto. Lo comparto con dos amiguitos fanáticos del Futbol, para que se sumen a tu concurso. @migue14 @jesusbar23

Saludos Amigo y muchos Éxitos siempre.


Awesome invitation, many thanks!!


Es un placer.

Hello friends this is my entry to the contest Paraguay vs Venezuela (3-3) - LAST MINUTES.. Friend @njaywan the community channel on Discord still exists? recently I tried to enter but I couldn't do it. Greetings and good wishes to all.


🌟🌟🌟 - 🌟🌟 - 🌟

Compartido en Twitter:


esto me hizo acurdar de una vez que jugué mi primer partido futbol campo con mis compañeros de clase y perdimos 7 a 1 ellos se sentían tan mal de haber perdido, pero yo estaba tan ilusionado ya que el único gol lo hice yo. muchas gracias por hacerme recordar esa anécdota

like and follow)

Very fantastic contest from there , wish to write my entry very soon

Muchas gracias por esta iniciativa, por acá te comparto mi participación. Saludos.

Por acá el enlace a la publicación en Twitter.

Saludos querida comunidad, aqui esta mi presentación, Bendiciones para todos y Éxitos a los participantes...



Nice memory


thanks .
hope you enjoyed it?


Very much


oh ok am glad you did.

There are many football memories of playing. But one memory I still remember and it the best day. It was my birthday and I am an Arsenal Supporter. It was Arsenal vs Manu casting and didn't want my team to lose on my birthday. Arsenal won that game 3-0. Birthday celebration plus Arsenal victory, still remember it as my best birthday gift from Arsenal :)

Wow another good contest

Me parece divertido en este concurso, prepararé mi entrada para participar, saludos

les dejo a continuación el enlace de mi participación en el concurso:

Un bonito día a pesar de que no ganó Argentina, pero después de la paliza que le dio Alemania a Brasil unos días antes, realmente merecía ser el campeón.


Enjoy contest,..

Hola amigos de la Comunidad.
Acá les dejo el enlace de mi participación. Estoy nueva en esto, espero haber hecho bien la publicación

Foto propia

Your post has been very nice. This is the best quality post. Anyone who sees your post will fall in love with your post. I really like your post. Thanks for posting like this.

Great sharing this momory with you.
Here is my entery post


Hi @njaywan,

great contest.
Do I still have time for a contribution today or am I already too late?

Greetz from Paraguay.

Have a look - @osmarzuares, @adler-news, @sportfrei, @sportwetten

A memorable memory that I have of a soccer match is to remember in the 1986 Mexico World Cup in the Argentina-England match, I remember it in two ways, the first for being a great match where Maradona shined for his golden hand and also because at that time I was with my dad watching the game on television listening to the voice of a very famous narrator in Venezuela called Lazaro (Papaito) Candal, during some moment of the 2nd half they call on the phone and my father answers receiving sad news, that my grandmother (his mother) had passed away, that moment is engraved in my memory and when I remember that encounter I relive that call.

Ojalá esté a tiempo. Ya voy corriendo hacer el mío, es una historia muy especial para mi.

Ojala, en serio, pueda entrar al concurso. En el post no colocaron la hora, así que aún tengo esperanzas.

Aquí dejo mi ENTRADA

Que los disfruten ⚽⚽

I remember when I was a kid I used to play a kind of futsal in a neighbourhood court, we little kids would get together to play and a lot of teenagers in the stands would smoke cannabis. On one of the occasions I was up against a friend called William who was 189 cm tall, while I was 164 cm tall.... It was the first time I had ever kicked and pushed someone so hard to get the ball away from him, he was a very good striker... but I was a midfielder who was to be feared haha.

oh my bad, I missed it, but I will surely take part in the coming contests

la mejor memoria que tengo de futbol es que fui campeon de mi colonia ala edad de 15 aNos sin saber que era una final importante para muchos de mis amigos y adivinen quien era el portero era yo :) ese dia ataje la de tiros a porteria y 2 penales los cuales nosdieron el tan preciado trofeo que para mi era solo un bulto ya que yo en ese tiempo jugava para divertirme no por chatarra pero hoy entiendo todo :I saludos

I loved your content and if I read while I remembered the first soccer game I went to several years ago I had never been and that day was crazy at half time there was a fight between the visiting team with the local team we ran out of that stadium but to In spite of everything I had a good time with my brother and some friends after everything happened we laughed at what happened

Muy bueno tu artículo, me gustó mucho, visita mi perfil y deja algunos likes, también lo haré en el tuyo