Injury spoils career

21일 전


Zinadine Zidane (Real Madrid coach) laughed when Casemiro kicked James Miller. Although we can only guess, we don't know what he laughed at but obviously he laughed because Casemiro Avenged as Milner has also kicked Kareem Benzema at his ankle

That kind of thing can happen in football because you would do anything you know to give your opponent pressure. Although Kicking opponent in rough way is not fair but in that kind of crucial match, anything can happen

The match was 3 goals to 1, anything can happen, 2 goals can be scored easily if it's an attacking team so that is why it seems they Casemiro and Miller play hard game. Although Milner is an expert in getting opponents injured as well as Casemiro but the fact is it's not fair because injury spoils career

I can recall years back that Manchester United versus AC Milan, General Gattuso was the one running after Christiano Ronaldo that year because he know that through Ronaldo is what Manchester United would win and he marked him so much that year and Ronaldo was unable to perform like he always do. Crazy things happens in football

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