Lingard shines

20일 전

It do happen to some player, when they reach the team they belong to, they flop as if the team is bigger than them. This same thing is happening to Jesse Lingard

Manchester United loaned Lingard to West Ham United and he shines in Manchester United as he reached West Ham United as if Manchester United is bigger than his play way

I am very sure Lingard himself won't want to go back to Manchester United because he can't have play time like he is having it right now in West Ham United

Lingard is playing free row in West Ham United presently and it is like as if that is where his glory is so if Manchester United force him to go back to Old Trafford

Maybe Lingard has find players he can play with that is compatible with his play style because he never play like this even when he first reach Manchester United

I can recall a defender called Glen Johnson at Chelsea, he belong to Chelsea but he flops at Chelsea, they loaned him to Portsmouth and collect best defender in premier league but when he return to Chelsea, he flopped again but at the end of the day, he was sold to Liverpool

Christian Benteke has played in Liverpool FC but he he didn't pick up to Liverpool standard but he play well at teams like Aston Villa. Andy Carol was replaced with Fernando Torres in Liverpool but he didn't do well

The fact is some teams are big more than some players, maybe Manchester United is big for Jesse Lingard

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