Counter attack

22일 전


In the first leg, although Paris Saint German has utilized their chances, balls didn't hit pole like it did in the second leg but Bayern Munich changed their play way to Germany play way and that is why they were able to equalized two goals in that first leg

This counter attack that was possible after Makio was injured and had to go out of the pitch so Danilo represented him in the central defense line but it cannot ever be like Makio. It is in front Danilo they headed the two balls that resulted to goal

Even Paris saint German tried in the second leg unlike before that they play rubbish in second leg whenever they win in first leg. Although Bayern Munich still won with a goal but they still played more than how they played when they met with Barcelona in round of 16 second leg

But it's like there is something wrong with PSG, because I don't understand why they win away match and loose in their own home as if something is in their own home that hold them from winning or scoring goals

Neymar Junior kept hitting poles as if they have reduce the pole size than the size it was before and Kylier Mbappe that scored good two goals in first leg also wasted chances that he always utilize.

Pocketino need to work on the home winning if they would play the final

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