Steemit Engagement Challenge ||Season2, Week #3 || My technology world by @simonnwigwe

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Greetings fellow steemians
It is yet another interesting contest for week number 3 in the engagement challenge. I'm so delighted to write about this contest hosted in this noble community. This week we are writing on the topic titled My Technology World. We all have in one way or the other make use of one or more devices before finally getting the one we presently using right now.

The devices we are to consider can be smartphones, smart watches or even computers. As a very young man, I started using my first tech device in the year 2016 when I got admission to the university. With that being said, I think we need to know what the word technology is about before we progress.

Technology can be seen as the conversion of an idea or using an idea to solve a real-life problem. Before this time, we saw that counting was done with stones and there were no books as well but technology has to improve that. So in literal words can say technology is an idea that helps easily solve issues. Technology covers communication, electrical, mechanical, medical, and even energy.

All the aspect mentioned above has technology covering it. In times of communication, our phones have aided that and the internet also, electrically we now have light, mechanical we now have vehicles, medically we also have X-ray devices and energy we have a solar system and their likes.

My Phone Tech History


Just as I have mentioned earlier, the two tech products I have used mostly in my life are my phone and computer. I have used 2 different with the present one am using today as the third. In the year 2016, when I got admission into the university, my father gave me one of his phones with the name Nokia 220. I used this phone for so many activities like Facebook, 2go and also browsing the internet. In the year 2019, the phone got spoiled so I had to get another.

At that time there was still no money to purchase another so my mum gave me her Techno Y3, which I also used all through till the year 2020 when I got to know about the steemit platform. I started blogging using the Techno Y3 phone but I was having serious issues with battery and other challenges so I decided to work harder and money to purchase my phone with my own money.

In January 2021, I was able to purchase my first phone which is Oppo A12. This device has many features. Though this was the least as at the time of purchase. The details of this phone and its price are seen in the table below

Device NameOPPO A12
Device storage32.0 GB
RAM3.00 GB
Amount in Naira#65,000
Amount in Steem480

My PC Tech History


The next tech device I am currently using is my laptop. I got this laptop during my project defence in school. I bought them daily used because I don't have the financial capability to get a brown new one then. The laptop product is called Lenovo. The details of the laptop and its price are seen in the table below.

Device NameLenovo
ProcessorIntel (R)
Device storage500.0 GB
RAM2.00 GB
System Type64-bit Operating system
Amount in Naira#60,000
Amount in Steem444


I know you may think that I still use old-school products but the truth is that I didn't start following the trend of technology on time. I have a desire to get more sophisticated devices but the finance to do that is what I lack presently. I do hope with time I am going to improve my tech. Thanks for your time. I invite @josepha, @yakspeace and @dave-hanny to also join this contest.

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Thank you for inviting me to this contest. Indeed, the technology that you're using are powerful technology and I can testify how good OPPOA12 is because it's exactly what am using.

Thank you for sharing.


Thank you so much dear friend, indeed OPPO A12 is a nice product and i do hope to upgrade to a higher version of this oppo product because it is really an amazing product.

OPPOA12 is actually a nice device, someone even recommended that for me and hopefully I will try and get one for myself.

Technology can be seen as the conversion of an idea or using an idea to solve a real-life problem.

This definition of technology is so true my dear friend, you actually did your research so well.

Thank you for the invite, and I wish you all the best.


Yes my dear friend Oppo products are nice and i do recommend you try it as well. Thanks for the contribution and support on this article my friend.


Alright, thank you for the recommendation. I appreciate 🤗

As the most used technology in Nigeria is mobile device, I will not be surprised seeing different types and product if cell phones, the use of laptop are not as that of cell phone but as a literate you will find both devices available for use,

Technology is revolutionary bro,name that sector, there is a technical product in it

I don't know why but I just feel like these 32 gig phone stress me up 😅. Maybe it's because I like taking many pictures. Nevertheless I love oppo, I've seen someone use it and it's a really great phone.


You are right my friend the 32gb phone sometimes stress a lot. I am working hard to get a more higher version. Thanks for your comment and contribution.


You are welcome my friend

The general feeling around an Oppo phone for me is that it is simply one of the best. I mean apart from its popularity it is one of the best selling phones and is part of the conversation.

Techno Y3 phone but I was having serious issues with battery

The tecno Y3 will always have problems right😂. I remember a friend of mine was using it some months ago. I can tell you he always use to slander it about its battery. We thank God he has changed it now.


You are right my friend the Oppo phones are the best. I love the product so much because since i started using it, i have not have any issues with it.

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Thanks for the review

You are using OPPO A12 brand mobile. I have heard the name of this brand a lot, but never used OPPO brand mobile. I currently use a Samsung brand mobile. You also use a Lenovo laptop. I used to use a laptop. But now I use computer. Nice to see your post.


Thank you my friend for reading through my post. Indeed Oppo is a nice product, and i also love samsung product.