An Inthenow Ramble Ep1

5개월 전

Okay, this is me ^ ^ ^ rambling on about different things that have happened this week, and a huge thank you to four very special friends!

@snook @guiltyparties @jackmiller @enginewitty

You all are amazing people and I count myself lucky to know you. :D

Thanks for everything, and now we shall continue without all the mushy feel goods, and get back to our regularly scheduled show here on Steemit.

Just another day in the trenches! :D

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I can HEAR you smiling :D SO SO happy you can making videos now!!!

and no thanks needed. It is what family does for one another.




It was pretty cool. I gotta get used to recording, try to do more fancy editing and whatnot! :D I could get used to this lol. Now I gotta sleep, stayed up way too late lmao! :D

Did she make you do it? Ha ha! Cool to hear your voice and I'm betting you did the music :P Hells ya we see you there.

@alliedforces curate 2


You got some love from a member of @thealliance family!
Keep up the great work and join us in The Castle sometime!
The #spreadlovenotwar curation campaign is under the guidance of witnesses @enginewitty and @untersatz.
Current VP: 94.24%


LOL :D Nah, not this time! She's off the hook, until tomorrow. ;) And yes I did and yes we shall. LOL Have a great night!