1st report Anti Cheat Cheetah 08.01.2022

9개월 전

Anti-Cheat Report

The information (yet, incomplete, but it will be actualized soon) about the abusers found in the past that remain active or may remain active in the nearest time. Not active users for longer than 2 weeks were ignored, although those who are listed since now, will be observed constantly.

Users active in the last 7 days

UserPlagiarized contentWarninglast 7 days activity
chizzybahd Link 1 W1Active
kyara2 Link 1
Link 2
mukky23 Link 1 W1Active
maqbool12 Link 1 W1Active
rayan0 Link 1
Link 2
Link 3
rajj1985 Link 1 W1Active
libera-tor Link 1 W1Active
afirulsa12 Link 1 W1Active
mannuelking001 Link 1 W1Active
motlhamme Link 1 W1Active

Inactive users

UserPlagiarized contentWarninglast 7 days activity
alaol66 Link 1 W1Not active
emmanelchinonso Link 1 W1Not active
abimanyu5 Link 1 W1Not Active
amaliacharlotte Link 1 W1Not active
pamella97 Link 1 W1Not active
ubaraw Link 1 W1Not active

Information for the admins and helpers

  1. Make sure that @rayan0 is not active in your community - as the person who is sharing stolen content on a daily basis, they should be blocked from the platform
  2. We recommend you to mark all active users from the list who are writing in your community with "W1" or "W2" in the label. That way you know they shared plagiarized content before and their posts can be checked more carefully for the plagiarism (preferably in two programs). Do not discriminate though - everyone has the right to make a mistake, so if their content is original, they still deserve your support or booming upvote.
  3. Consider joining our downvote curation trail. You will read how to do it in the last chapter of THIS POST. Remember - it does not affect your upvote voting power. For now abusers are downvoted from another account and we put the special effort to grow ac-cheetah account to at least 500 SP to be able to regulate VP of the downvote. It should be achieved in less than a week.
  4. Leave in the comments links to the plagiarized content which you have found in your community, so we can all together find out who is sharing plagiarism constantly and block those users.

All pending rewards of the account of Rayan0 has been downvoted, but you may double check it and remove all the rewards that has been added after publishing this post.

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