The downvote curation trail has been launched

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Downvote curation trail

Thanks to @alejos7ven and @symbionts, the power down trail has been launched and we can all together fight with plagiarism. I would like you to join the trail of @ac-cheetah, an account managed by @papi.mati and used exclusively for powering down plagiarism, content and account farming, and other forms of abuse.

Downvoting abusers will start tomorrow when 500 STEEM will be transferred to @ac-cheetah from @papi.mati to unlock voting with a different percentage of VP. Twice per week, we will be sharing the report about all downvoted posts, explaining why we removed rewards from them. At the very same publication, we will be suggesting to the admins of the groups where abusers are active, to mute them, so it would be great if all moderators and admins could follow this community.


The information how to join the trail has been published by @alejos7ven here.

1.. Enter Steem Seven website and log in with your active key, using "Steem Login". The website is 100% safe and "Steem Login" tool does not allow anyone to access your data.

2.. Fill the rubrics. Preferably insert:

Only use automatic downvote votes when power is above0%
Use my voting power to downvote when my power is above100%
Only downvote if the post has more than0$
Re-vote if there is the opportunity to increase the upvote or downvoteYES

3.. In "Trail" add @ac-cheetah with trail worth "1" and click "add"

That's all what is needed! Congratulations you have joined the trail!


Who is responsible for that project and how the income is distributed?

The project has been suggested by @papi.mati, but different elements were prepared with multiple partners, like @alexmove, @symbionts, or @alejos7ven. There are many communities and individual accounts that declared they will join the downvote trail with their community account and private accounts, so in some way, all of them can be considered as co-authors.

@ac-cheetah is not oriented on earning the money, so most of the rewards will be invested in developing new tools or, optionally, powering up to fight with plagiarists more effectively.

The income from all the future @ac-cheetah posts will be distributed between multiple accounts:

  • 40% will go to @alexmove who is working on the automatization of plagiarism search on the platform. The money will be used to pay for external professional tools that detect plagiarism (the cost is 0.01 USD per post)
  • 20% will go to @alejos7ven (10%) and @symbionts (10%) for launching the downvote trail tool and their support
  • 20% will go to @papi.mati for the manual work on searching abusers, downvoting, and for writing the reports
  • 20% will be used to make power-ups with the @ac-cheetah account

Who will be downvoted by @ac-cheetah?

We will be downvoting the plagiarized content, fake accounts, account farming or content farming, abusers, etc. In every situation, we make sure that there is no misunderstanding and the downvoted person is a cheater. While the user plagiarizes for the first or second time, all the income from plagiarized content will be downvoted. Since the third time, the income from all the publications in the last 7 days will be removed. You may read more about our rules HERE

Everyone will be treated equally, which means that cheaters with higher reputations and/or bid botters cannot feel safe as well. It's important to mention that using bid bots won't be punished with downvotes per se. Only the bidbotters who share plagiarized content or cheat in any other way will be punished.

Will joining the trial have any impact for my voting power?

No. You will not notice any difference. On Steemit there are two voting manas: one for the upvotes and the other exclusively for the downvotes. You join the trial with only the downvote voting power, that you most likely do not use anyway. That means your value of the upvote, as well as the number of the upvotes that you can distribute daily, won't change.

I have found plagiarism, how should I report it?

If you are the admin of the community, mute the post, downvote all the rewards, write the comment with the links to sources under plagiarized content, and tag @ac-cheetah, so we can inform about the abuse in other communities where this user remains active. If your voting power is not enough to downvote all the rewards, don't worry - after tagging us, we will make sure to resent all the remaining income.

If you are not the admin, write the comment with the links to sources under plagiarized content and tag admins of the group as well as @ac-cheetah. You can also send the link to the post under one of our recent reports.

I have found account farm or other type of abuse, how can I report it?

Not every abuse is related to plagiarism, sometimes it's about creating multiple accounts that upvote each others constantly, spamming or other types of unethical behavior. It's much more difficult to detect, but it requires our attention as well. If you think you found the account farm or other type of abuse, write the post about it in our community. We will review it, consult with the community and our partners and if we all together will agree that there is no doubt mentioned user(s) is/are the abuser, they will be downvoted and reported as well.

I joined the trail and report plagiarism, how else can I help?

Those two activities are the most important, although if you are the admin or moderator, it would be great if you could follow us and each week make sure that the abusers who shared plagiarized content more than twice are muted in your community.

Besides that, it's very important to spread the news about the project, because its success depends on the number of people who will join the trail. Resteem publications, write your post, mention joining our trail in your diary game, talk with your friends - do anything to let others know about @ac-cheetah

I'm afraid that I will be downvoted by the abusers for joining this project

Some users declare that they are afraid of revenge while fighting with abusers. The important thing to know is that while joining the trial, your downvote will be given at the very same time with tens, or maybe even hundreds of downvotes from other users. The abuser won't be able to visit all that profiles and mess with all of us.

Besides that, if your post will be downvoted and if you will lose your rewards or reputation, you may contact us on discord or write a comment under the last publication and the community will help you get back the money by upvoting your publications, if possible, for the same amount that was taken from you.

I'm afraid that my VP will be distributed in a wrong way

There are some precautions taken to avoid that sort of situations. Both, reports in our community and the tool shared by our partners allow you to track our activity and see who was downvoted by us. Reports will be always providing proper explanations and links to the plagiarized content, so there is no doubt that the author who we downvoted is the abuser.

If you will decide that the downvotes are not used in a way that you approve, you are able to leave the trail at any moment with just one click.

Can I delegate SP to your community?

It's not recommended. Delegated SP cannot be used by you for upvoting and we all care about decentralizing rewards distribution. That's why downvote curation trail is a much more reasonable solution.

Remember that joining the trail allows us to use your voting power while downvoting, while you still have the right to select posts that you want to upvote.

Join the trail right now! :)

As the downvote trail has been discussed since few weeks now, many users and communities have declared that they will join the trail as soon as it will be available. I would like to tag them now, so they won't skip this message and can help us to start the project as soon as possible:

@bgreza @haidermehdi @xaviduran @harferri (considering) @benson6 @artist1111 @event-horizon @bangmimi @sampraise @willeusz

@hive-111293 ( with the team: @papi.mati @willeusz @ponpase @udyliciouz )
@hive-141434 (with the team: @graceleon @oneldoors @yrmaleza @yanelpuerta @nelsondoor @bellana ) (with the team: @ponpase @pojan @talktofaith @ngoenyi @msharif @shahidchoudary @oscarcc89 @ashkhan @mcsamm @saracampero @nattybongo )
@cotina (with the team: @ecosynthesizer @psicoparedes @vamprsjr @marianaceleste @mile16 @ariannyrojas @astilem @casagrande @alejos7ven )
@steemit-pak (with the team: @haidermehdi @aniqamashkoor @salmanwains @hassanabid @vvarishayy @event-horizon )
@steem-sri.lanka (with the team: @randulakoralage @damithudaya @rasinkani @imanthadd )
@steem.skillshare (with the team: @milakz @daytona475 @lhorgic @papi.mati @atim1234 @abu78 @nadiaturrina )

Besides that I would like to invite to the project my friends and respected users with high voting power:
@pennsif @steemchiller @kiwiscanfly @the-gorilla @xeldal @stephenkendal @chriddi @disconnect

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very interesting with this, i will join to your downvote curation trail even my name is include your black list but i'm used to being hated by people like this! by the way i dont want to make any posting anymore because i knew it will red downvote anyway, maybe for a while

love this post.. i vote you! world still alive the mountains standing highly wind blows very strong and i am still running!! how did i tell anyone that your votes to me would be useless, so keep it for other!!!

I'm interested to join your team & wanna fight against abuser.


Greetings, sir @rme.
I also take an active part in the development of a system for checking uniqueness.


I want to take a chance and ask you to support the development, as well as the rating project and the steem market by voting for us as witnesses:


I have described in more detail in your blog in the comments.
Thank you.
And have a nice day!

@ac-cheetah please what is your discord account? i have registered to join this downvote trail what is the sign that i welcome inside the group? @alejos7ven please help



may i know what does this mean? my posting is 50% for you? and what effect does it have on my account when i joining downvoter team? why i cant upgrade my delegation to @justyy? please help @alejos7ven thank you!


Hi, it means you authorized to do posting operations with your account, you can always revoke it via steemlogin

Regarding the delegation, what message are you getting exactly? I don’t think it is related to the delegation


thank you @alejos7ven

please help me again.. i have made a very big mistake a few month ago. i have transferred about 10 SBD 12 times to @tipi last oktober 24th. that 120 steem dollar should be for @tipu. can the transfers back to me, because i did keyboard misstype to tipi. i certainly predicted that @tipi account is not active anymore. please help meee.. Thank You Sir!



If you don’t know the account owner and he is not disposed to refund you there is nothing to do

Good initiative.
However, I will not join the trail: I never vote blindly, so I won't downvote blindly either.
I'm happy to look at the reports to see if there's anything left for a single downvote.
If this trail establishes itself and so much SP comes together that you dare to take on the big villains, I might reconsider today's decision.
Best regards,


Thank you. There is plenty to downvote, if you'd like to help out of the trail.

Check the comments (5-6 days old) from those accounts:
Content farm 1
Content farm 2
Content farm 3
Content farm 4
Content farm 5

All the farm of the fake accounts was described HERE. The rest of mentioned fake accounts from that article has already been downvoted.


Hahaha, okay, you are right: You really shouldn't downvote these comment farmers by hand. That's all life time. Please don't mind - I'll just observe the project for now.

Sorry for my delayed reply, I didn't receive a notification (presumably too many people tagged).

I have opened up the Mosquito Squishers community to you and added you as an administrator and @papi.mati as a moderator. As admin, you have the power and my support in adding additional moderators and team members as you wish and the power to pin and unpin posts.

Mosquito Squishers is still referenced in Achievement Task 3 and still has over 700 followers that you can tap into so please make the most of it.

I look forward to future updates and hope that you can succeed where I felt that I'd failed.

I noticed that you're downvoting a farm of 250+ users who are abusing their 15SP delegation - I've sent the list on to Steemit to get their delegation removed. I'd suggest this approach for similar cases in the future to save your downvoting power for the more worthy candidates.

My preference is to delegate power rather than join a downvote trail so I've delegated you 1,000 SP and share @chriddi's sentiment regarding manually coming in to finish people off 🚩

Drop me a note if you would like my help with anything else.


Thank you very much for that - publishing in Mosquito Squishes will surely help me a lot to develop supporters community faster.

Steemit team was informed about the content farm by steemcurator01 although if you could let me know how to report it directly to the team which can cancel delegations, I'd be grateful and it could speed up the process in the future :)

I appreciate the delegation!


Okay, if delegation is also an option, I will go along with @the-gorilla's idea.


I ended up deciding to follow the trail so cancelled my delegation almost as quickly as I'd provided it. It's amazing to see the support is already over 10x the power that endingplagiarism had at its peak so hopefully we'll see a big change in the coming weeks 🤞🏼



Off topic:
The second SCRABBLE match has started... 😉




@coding-gorilla has written a script now to find accounts abusing their 15SP delegation in the comments so hopefully we won't need it again 🙂

Saludos Steemian, @ac-cheetah, Tu post ha sido recompensado por @alejos7ven del Cotina Team.

Si deseas apoyar a la comunidad considera delegar Steem Power a @cotina o Votar por nuestro Witness

This post has been featured in the latest edition of Steem News...

I have included this post in the 31th issue of Steem News Magazine For Steemit Platform | January 22, 2022.

Thank you for inviting me. Let's do it. I am very much interested to join this team.

Les deseo muchos éxitos en este proyecto. Frenar a los abusadores es importante. Encontrar las cuentas múltiples es importante.

we all care about decentralizing rewards distribution.

Es muy importante!

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