Japanese Tourism Dropped 99.9% 😨: 緊急事態宣言解除で観光回復?



Because of coronavirus and extended travel restrictions, travel industry has been hit hard.

Good news?!

"Go To Travel" plan, there is no detail yet... but Japanese government will pay you to visit the country when coronavirus is under control.

According to the Japan Times, the head of the Japan Tourism Agency announced this week that the government has created a plan to attract foreign travelers back to the tourism-depleted country by offering to subsidizing half of their travel expenses.

The Latest Greatest Coronavirus Travel Deal: This Country Wants To Pay You To Visit

I am not traveling any time soon, but if I can use this deal, that sounds very interesting 😆
But of course, some people are already angry about this since corona situation is still going on and they don't want you think about party plans while pandemic is still not under control. Too soon? Inappropriate? If the government has money to spend, they should focus on domestic issues? Health and hospital stuff? Maybe 😅

Japan Is Planning To Pay Half Of Your Travel Expenses To Encourage You To Visit


I just couldn't help it, I sent this to my friend and he said he could come with me 🤣
But this plan is not approved or anything yet so... just dreaming about something positive.


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That would be great if the wife and i were travelers. I did go to Japan many years ago. Once to Kyushu. Once to whatever island Sapporo is located. I was in the Army and didn't see much but enjoyed what i did. It was near Sapporo that i was introduced to tycho drums.


Oh wow!!! I have never been to Kyushu or Hokkaido(Sapporo)... I was always afraid of trains 😂😂😂 But you and your wife might be able to get two for one deal if this approves.