Camila Came to me in Gold


Hey Splinterlanders!

Today was an amazing day for Splinterlands as there was a halving promotion event was going on to celebrate the BTC halving coming next week. If you want to read more about this event you can head over to the official post from Splinterlands' account. I've pasted the link below for your ease.

I got some Halflings

I was also excited to be a part of this promo and by the time this promotion went live I bought my packs to grab the Halfling Alchemist awarded to me. To test I first bought 5 packs and there was some bug that didn't give me anything at that time but it will be settled manually by yabapmatt. Then I went with a big buy of 100(10) packs and it gave me 22 normal Halfling Alchemists.

Thinking I might get a gold foil I bought 10 more packs but still, I got 2 normal Halflings. Then I bought another 5 and the result was the same, so I said to myself its enough. xD

Camila Came to me in Gold

So when I didn't get a gold Halfling, I decided to try my luck with opening my packs which I bought for this promotion. I already had 300+ Legendary potions in my account but no Alchemy was left so I head over to the potions market and bought 500(+50) Alchemy potions with 23K DEC.

Then I opened 5 Packs all in one go and while flipping the cards I have seen there's a legendary. It was Camila but I didn't realize it turned into gold. Until I checked pack analyzer I was still thinking it's regular foil. lol

Below is the full screenshot for those 5 packs and I also got 2 EPICs and some RAREs. So this was one of my best pack openings.


Camila came to me in Gold and said, "I'm all yours".

Nah girl I will sell you out lol

That's all for now. See you at Battle Field.

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Nice pull my friend, You got what you deserved for buying so many packs.

LOL! Poor Camila. She was ready to serve you. 🤣
I did a similar thing (with pack buying)... I also didn't get a gold one. But I ain't sad.

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